Did you book tickets for Delta flights and missed it due to an unexpected and unpredictable situation? Well, there is nothing to worry about. Most travelers get stressed when they land in a situation like this. Delta flights know reasons like a flat tyre, and health issues can lead to people missing their flights. 

Furthermore, the passengers must know what to do if they miss their flight. There are things that individuals should keep in mind in case they are not able to catch a Delta flight. 

Let’s first go ahead to know the missed flight policy laid down by the airline.

Overview of Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Those who completed the Delta Airlines Book a flight process and missed their flight must know about the policy. 

The points given below will let you know about the missed flight policy in detail-

  • First and foremost, Delta Airlines will provide you with the option of alternate flights so that the flyers reach their final destination. Get in touch with the travel team and be present at the airport at least two hours before the departure time of your originally booked flight. 
  • Delta Airlines will provide you with a standby flight for the destination of your choice. 
  • Furthermore, in case the flight that you missed was the last of the day, then you will have to board the flight for the next day. 
  • At times, if passengers miss their flight because of the airline’s fault then the airline will have to provide them compensation. 

What to do when one misses their flight?

Passengers need to know what should be done in case they miss their flight.

Here are some of the things that need to be done in such a situation. 

Talk to Delta representatives

Instead of worrying and wasting anytime, the first thing flyers need to do is contact the travel representatives through the phone number.

Furthermore, find the contact information from the official site of the airline. Talk to the expert, let them know about your situation. They will provide the solution in no time.

Know about compensation

In case one misses their Delta flight due to a flat tyre or serious health issues, then they may get compensation from the airline. So, go ahead and contact the travel experts and discuss the situation. 

Go for the next flight 

Delta Airlines lets the flyers travel on the next flight to the individual’s desired destination. Know about the next available flight options from the Delta team. Choose the flight that is best for your travel needs and reach your final destination.

Note- Those who are planning to book a ticket with Delta and need to know the Delta Airlines seat selection process can talk to the travel representatives through phone number.