Given the importance of book publicity in every author's work's success, planning and implementing a smart, effective campaign is crucial. There are many ways to make a PR program pack more punch; the more you include in your program, the better. For example, identifying target readers is essential from the start.

Please don't shy away from niche interests because they are often more powerful motivators than general ones. Blogs and podcasts, each known for narrow topics and niche audiences, have shown us the value of highly targeted marketing – interested audiences buy books.

An enormous amount of attention is paid to the book marketing potential of social media today. It is powerful but only when used optimally. One of the most crucial factors is the size of your following. Make sure you begin building your audience long before you publish a book.

It's only possible to reach critical mass overnight if you go viral, and you can't count on it because going viral is virtually always accidental. Developing a social media following incrementally over time is the most reliable way to use the platforms successfully. Post entertaining and informational content consistently. 

Getting yourself in front of a broader audience will help market your book—guest posts on popular blogs where the readers' interests include your book topic. Be a guest on podcasts or hire a publicist and get TV interviews. If you have a knack for producing simple yet compelling videos, make them and share them online.

Be bold because successful book marketing thrives on outgoing authors who enjoy speaking and appearing publicly. When you make a presentation or appearance, have someone record it so you can post it online later. It's a low-cost way to increase your audience. 

It might not sound exciting, but email lists are cornerstones of intelligently planned book marketing programs. People on your list already have a connection to you and higher than average interest in your book very likely.

Many successful authors send email newsletters periodically, and while they can't be "hard sell" book ads, they can gently include information about your book, especially around the time of its launch. Your website is an excellent way to collect emails, and people who visit your home page should be invited to sign up for your list. It's an easy, low-cost way to stay connected with followers.

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