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My Music Diary is an inside and out, Music lesson plans new interpretation of exemplary melodic training. Brought into the world from a characteristic energy for music and Children music schooling, and made as a reaction to the cutout, unfulfilling music training material found all through such countless homerooms, Rudimentary music example designs My Music Diary consolidates the standard material in music schooling in a new organization intended to encourage training in music in a drawing in and pleasant way.

The My Music Diary course Music textbooks  series is separated into grade levels, Music textbook for kindergarten plan guaranteeing that the right data for the youngsters' level is introduced during a time suitable way. Starting at the Kindergarten showing technique for music, and going up to the eighth-grade level, My Music Diary is destined to be the ideal course reading for all degrees of youth music training. Each book in the series has north of 140 pages, loaded up with data, pictures, exercises, riddles, and that's just the beginning, to support active learning of an assortment of music illustrations. Beside showing the data utilizing an age-suitable, active strategy, Rudimentary Music Techniques, My Music Diary likewise gives a key establishment to a genuine, long lasting interest in music, which other melodic projects essentially don't give. Understudies steadily find out about beat, tune, rhythm, tone, elements, structures, amicability, surface, and style in every Music reading material for Center School of Music course books k-8. Moreover, understudies find out about music authors, Kids music education, music of different nations, symphony instruments, sight-sing solfege, make short tunes and rhythms, compose music documentation. Every reading material starts with a survey of the earlier years melodic ideas to update understudies.

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There are nine music course books, one for each grade level K-8. Every course reading conforms to the State and Public norms for music training, Music educational program giving understudies the best music schooling accessible in a simple and tomfoolery design. There are three versions inside every reading material: Instructor Release, Understudy Release, Rudimentary music educational program, and Understudy Exercise manual. Each of the three are remembered for one volume. A similar volume is utilized by both the instructor and the understudy.

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