I think there's an association in the air there," Dryer said of the two cases. "The Madden 24 coins is looking very capriciously and cavalierly at the issue of concussions.

"There's an assumption from Madden NFL 24 that "we're looking for that, we're going to do that.' There's an air of arrogance there."

Dryer hopes that something can be worked out so that he and the other retired players strike a deal with the Madden NFL 24 that would directly pay them for the use of their images while leaving them with ownership of it.

"I have a lot of transactions based on my appearance as an actor as well as a producer" Dryer said. "My likeness is my profession. It's my brand. Everyone has a brand and each person is entitled to direct their brand in a direction that they prefer.

"I can't take someone else's model and use the image to further promote my own interests without having to contact and pay that person. Therefore, why is it okay for the league to take our rights without paying us anything?"

Super Bowl 2014: Russell Wilson remembers attending Peyton Manning passing camp

It's difficult to discern what Peyton Manning may have told the then-teenager Russell Wilson about his chances of becoming a Madden NFL 24 quarterback, but at least now we know that he got an opportunity to be a part of it. Wilson spoke to reporters on Wednesday that not only admires Manning and admires him, but it's not the first time he's spoken to him.

A former Eagles as well as Vikings players Cris Carter confessed on an ESPN Radio interview on Tuesday that he imposed bounties on players during his time in Madden NFL 24. Madden NFL 24. Carter admitted to placing bounties for certain players as for protection.

"Protect me. . . . I am safe from him. . . . Especially if he's playing a other position that I am unable to be protected," Carter said. "I'd be telling one of their guards, 'Hey , this guy is after me, man. Bill Romanowski.' He informed me that he's going to me out before the game, for warmups. Absolutely no problem. 'I'm gonna end your career, Carter.' No problem. I put a little change on his head prior to the game. Make sure I'm safe, and Mut 24 coins protect my family. This is the team I was raised in."