It became a goblin. He carried a broken-tipped spear and sported unwell-becoming chain mail that was too massive for cheap OSRS gold his small frame. As he moved, the dented bronze helmet he wore slipped down over his eyes. The creature gave a strangled gurgle in his confusion, and righted the helmet.

“I do no longer worry him,” the wizard answered, his composure regained. “From the look of him, he’s genuinely no longer a fighter. However he ought to be cautious not to make a nuisance of himself, for if he does, most in all likelihood he will be slain.”

“He is aware of,” the jester replied, his expression severe. “but this is neither right here nor there, my friend. Travellers of your order are rare indeed nowadays.” He paused, and his expression lightened. “would you perhaps be part of us for a late supper? I’ve roasted a fowl over a fire.”

He’s sincerely a pleasant fellow, the wizard mused. Then he glanced inside the path of the walls, which the darkness had decreased to little greater than a black define. “I would like to get to the palace soon,” he admitted, “for i have spent 3 nights beneath the celebs.” The wizard eyed the yak. “way to him!”

“Then we will consume first,” the jester insisted, “after which i can take you to the palace, for i am heading there as OSRS GP nicely. But tell me, what is your call, wizard of Saradomin?” The wizard dismounted stiffly. His legs ached after hours of driving.