So - h2h and timed events. HRs. Solo Battles and that. Like mentioned by others, just playing these season games will get you coins Madden 23 coins  and rewards which can outstrip most Solo challenges.Second and most significantly - sniping and arbitrage on the auction block. People at the beginning of the year make some horrendous mistakes, and the block is not too difficult when it's early, to navigate.Note to self - Never take a break for MUT

Have not played with with a single team yet that doesn't have 3 99 ranked players not fun for a player. Do you have to grind all season long for all these high rated teams? Not perfect for the player I guess. It is possible to build a top tier team BUT you have to put in some job, without having to spend money at any point in the year. So you are right that it isn't a game style yes, to get a casual player. Superstar KO 'd just run. You match up against casuals, and you get to have fun with the super hero skills. And way tryhards. Annually, coming from mut sweats, playing regs and KO was a cake walk.

MUT isn't built for just casual play. I have put in a couple hundred, if not thousand, of hours, although I have not put in money and have a top tier team. Yeah I haven't played Mut 20 but I recall in other mut's I didn't pay any money but might spend hours and hours sniping. Gets kinda boring but makes it fun after you get started getting a team that is great to play with. I began playing salary cap and while there's some fun teams blended in, I have run into 3 this morning with 70s everywhere but around the OL and RB with 99 safeties all around the defense.

Today you can do it. In a few months I have made a 98 team. Have not spent anything been a project in lockdown. Though I have never played a game online against anybody - only played because I am turd. I promise I'm not trying to trash talk but it's so simple to have coins out of wl and I think all players are cheap asf rn so as long as you're able to find a nice amount of wins it should be easy.

I will not say you need to grind to have a top-team, but you need to put money or time in. That being said, the ancient game is the best time to set yourself up for success within the season IF you capitalize on approaches along with your high-tier pulls. By way of instance, I was able to make a good number of coins throughout the EA Access interval by selling my top pulls and flipping hyped elites once the Madden NFL 23 match drops (Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams, presuming they're rated appropriately, are gonna maintain high buy mut 23 coins  need early, especially if Avalanche ends up as OP as individuals expect). Just do not get greedy and be patient about the AH.

Does anyone finds it difficult to tell just how"good" your competitors actually are this season?