For iOS and Android mobile devices, there is a free multiplayer strategy game called Clash Royale. A battle between the royals and their troops is the game's gameplay (beloved by the characters of the Clash universe). The player's objective is to use his warriors to eliminate the enemy king's towers and army (knights, shooters, dragons, etc.).

You can spend real money on individual in-game items in Clash Royale. You can restrict access with a password on Google Play under the user profile, on the donate option (where you make purchases of things).

However, Clash of Royale's private server allows you to play the game. The most significant private server right now for playing Clash of Royale is Master Royale. Because you begin the game with a limitless supply of gems, gold, and other resources, playing on the private server Master Royale is a beautiful experience.

You can establish a new account in Clash Royale on your phone, tablet, and computer. From this review, you may discover how to register two profiles on one device, switch between them without losing game progress, and transfer your account to another mobile device. So, keep reading!

Install and Run Clash Royale on the Phone


  • Tap the Google Play icon on the home screen.
  • Your finger should be in the search bar.
  • The game's name should be typed. In the problem, tap its block.

Note. Launch your mobile browser to view it. Follow the Google Play link in the panel by tapping the "menu" symbol. Additionally, you can access the download page by using the game's offsite link at

  • Click "Install" on the download page to begin.
  • When the download is finished, select "Open" from the menu.
  • Hold off until the startup procedure is finished.
  • Tap "Next" in the "Create an alias" window.
  • Enter a nickname in the "Alias" field. Enable add-ons for the game's nickname search and display if necessary.
  • To start, type "Create."
  • You can begin to play. Tap the gear icon to alter the game's settings. You can enable or disable music and change the language localization, chat filter, and other features in the settings panel.

clash royale on android


On iOS mobile devices, creating a new Clash Royale account is almost identical to doing so on an Android smartphone. The game's website has a link that will bring you to the App Store download page. Alternatively, utilize the search bar on Apple's website.

Creating the Second Profile in the Game

You will need a different Google account to establish another account. You must accept the following actions if you choose to open a second Clash Royale account: 

Access the game's options menu (gear icon).

Make sure Google Play is connected to your current profile. Make sure to activate the "Log in to Google Play" block if it shows the "Disconnected" status so that the "Connected" message can appear. The game account needs to be connected to your Google Play account to sync the game progress. Otherwise, if you decide to go back from the second account to the first, you won't be able to restore your data (all your achievements will be deleted).

create second profile in clash royale

You can now begin creating new accounts. Disable the "Log in to Google Play" option here in the settings panel (the word "Disabled" will show). Tapping "Another account" will open the "Select..." window—type in the username and password for a different Google account.

Attention! If not, you can make one right there in the connection panel. To finish this process, click "Create Account."

There will be an automated link to the second profile. However, starting the game right away will show you your prior game account's level of achievements. The user data saved on the phone in the Clash Royale directory will cause this. Therefore, you must delete the data from the first account before starting the game with the second.

To clean up:

  • Access the phone's settings and choose "Applications."
  • In the list, tap the game's name.
  • "Erase data" can be found in the application settings.
  • Verify the data has been deleted by selecting "OK" in the popup.
  • Start a new account and begin the game. If everything went according to plan, you would be back where you started, in the training area.

How to Change Profile in Clash Royale?

By switching accounts, the game profile can be changed (on Android, these are Google accounts) if game accounts have previously been linked with Google Play.

  • Activate the Clash Royale settings.
  • Remove Google Play links.
  • Choose a different account (login).
  • When asked, "Do you want to download...," If you want to save your progress in the current game, select "Yes." Because the data had already been synced with Google Play, the first account's achievements would not be lost.

Remove the application data if the game displays the previous profile's progress.

Transferring a Game Account to Another Mobile Device

  • Run after installing the game on your phone.
  • Disable binding to the current account by opening the settings.
  • To transfer the gaming profile, choose "another account" and sign in with the account connected. The progress will be reinstated following synchronization.

The data is synchronized from Google Play if you use the same account on the new device; you do not need to link.

Registration in the Gameplay and Its Launch on PC

Clash Royale is only available on mobile devices. On a computer, it cannot be set up in standard mode. However, you can execute a Windows-based mobile device emulator (like Bluestacks).

  • Visit to access the Android device emulator for Bluestacks.
  • Select the "Download..." link on the home page.
  • Once the website has loaded, click "Download..." once more.
  • Utilize administrative privileges to run the downloaded installer.
  • Click the Install Now option on the installer screen.
  • Click Finish once the installation is finished.
  • Click "Start" on the welcome window to begin.
  • Open your Google account and log in (enter your username and password).
  • Click I Accept.
  • Visiting Google Play Download and starting the game (see registration instructions for Android phones).

Final Words

So here is the end of the article. If you want to create an account in the gameplay or enjoy a second account, this article will help you.