Writing a book is a big undertaking but one that excites many people. If you've been bitten by the bug, have writing skills, and want to become an author, now is the time to take the plunge. Success lies in an organized, systematic approach, from writing to your final book publicity campaign. In many ways, the preparation process – what you do before you begin writing – can be the most crucial. It's when you identify your target audience and likely readers; being clear on them helps you write a book that will sell and interest its intended audience. Doing some research will help from the start.

One of the ways to better understand your target readers is to benchmark against what they're already reading. Your book will do best when it feeds their interest and is a logical next step (or an intelligent leap) from what's doing well in the marketplace today. People buy books to learn or be entertained; it's even better if you can do both. As you finalize your book and work with an editor and cover designer, they'll want to understand your target audience. Clarity at all process phases and sticking with your plan will pay off. Settling on the correct title and cover design also matters significantly.

A book's title is obviously crucial for many reasons. Get it right, and you will help your project become a success. For nonfiction writers, seasoned publicists also point out that subtitles are vital. They explain the book clearly to prospective buyers, reviews, the media, and librarians. Titles can shake things up and be surprising as long as they relate to the topic and the subtitle clearly explains your book's content. Part of settling on a title is a spontaneous and intuitive process, but it's also a strategic decision. Your editor can also help with opinions and suggestions. It's a process you may find enjoyable ultimately.

When it comes time to market your book, you'll want to plan an effective publicity program. It will definitely include online promotional activities like posting to your social media. You'll also want to seek traditional medic coverage in most cases. Newer media channels like podcasting and blogging also hold promise. They're accessible and reach niche audiences that may be very interested in you and your book's topic. When combined with other carefully selected marketing tactics, you'll improve your chances of reaching target readers with news of your book's publication; it will help spark sales.

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