Since Mobley began playing OSRS gold during the 90s There was a black market that has developed beneath the game's economy. In the lands of Gielinor the players can trade items--mithril longswords, yak-hide armor, herbs gathered from herbiboars and gold, the game's currency. Then, players began trading in-game gold for real dollars. This is known as real-world trading. Jagex, the game's developer, prohibits these exchanges.

At first, real-world trading occurred informally. "You might purchase gold from a fellow student at high school." Jacob Reed, an acclaimed creator of YouTube videos on RuneScape known as Crumb within an email message to me. Lateron, demand for gold outpaced supply and some players were full-time gold farmers, or those who generate the currency in game to trade for real-world currency.

Internet-age miners were always associated with the massively multiplayer internet games or MMOs such as Ultima Online as well as World of Warcraft. They even toiled away in some text-based virtual worlds, said Julian Buy OSRS gold, now a technology transactions lawyer who once wrote about virtual economies in his journalistic work.