If you want to no road damage, preventive measures are necessary. It ensures public safety and reduces the issue of repairing it frequently due to unexpected issues. 

There are several measures for road maintenance. Sealing is the most effective. 

What is Chip Sealing? 

Chip sealing is a preventive road maintenance technique that protects asphalt roads from weathering. 

It’s a two-step process where the old asphalt road is covered with asphalt emulsion to reduce wearing. The second application includes covering it with crushed rocks to provide a protective upper layer.
There are several benefits of road chip sealing. However, it’s important to know in which conditions the road requires maintenance. 
Five signs are laid out for your understanding. Check them out! 

1-The road has low traffic 

If the road has fewer than 2000 vehicles daily, it applies to the chip and seal paving round rock maintenance. Due to non usage the sealing might have washed away. 

Chip sealing is durable for approximately around 10-12 years. 
It is applicable on old rundown asphalt roads as it has low traffic. It works as a reflective surface which also works while night driving.  

2-The asphalt road is cracked & old 
A newly paved asphalt road is smooth & shiny. However, it gets cracked as time passes due to sun exposure and usage. 

Certain parts of the road get brittle and break off. Chip sealing refinishes the old weathered road and stops water from penetrating. 

3-The surface is slippery 

A precipitated road surface is very risky for driving. The driver might lose control and cause an accident. 

A skid-resistant road surface can be made through chip sealing, reducing the possibility of accidents. 


If you are looking for modern road assistance, chip and seal paving round rock maintenance is recommended. It extends the life of your driveway and improves skid resistance. 

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