Character length counter and online word counter tools a writing tools that will help you optimize the texts and content of your website or social networks. Why do we say it? Simple! With the count my word tool, you will be able to know exact aspects such as:

- How many characters (with spaces and without spaces), does the text have?

- The number of words your copies have.

- The number of paragraphs and sentences that your article has.

- Reading time.

In addition, we know how important it is to count characters and words when uploading a footer or description on our social networks, and even more so in this digital age where content creators have to convey an idea in such small text spaces.

For that reason, we have created a tool that can help your content strategy and avoid the annoying “you have exceeded the number of characters” that appears when we exceed the established limit.

How do you use our Online Character Counter and Word Counter?

The use of the character number counter and Word Counter is very simple. You just have to write directly on the box or copy and paste any type of text. No buttons.

Once you do, you will instantly know the exact number of characters (spaced and non-spaced), words, paragraphs, and sentences your text has.

And, that's not all! This character limit tool also tells you the time that an average person could take to read all the content you have written, to add valuable information to your readers and thus improve the user experience on your blog.

Why do social networks have character and word limits?

Currently, we live in an era where “less is more”. The reason? People realized that we can convey the same message as a 20-minute speech in 3 simple sentences or one word.

For this reason, social networks have character limits, since in this way we get used to transmitting fast, direct, and concise messages, thus preventing users from passing by our publications because they feel that they have "a lot of text".

All in all, character to word will help to ensure its word count reaches a particular requirement or stays within a certain limit.

Would you like to have a reference to not go over characters? We have found them for you! Visit our website for more information.