Nearly everyone with experience in book marketing services will tell you that nonfiction books have a built-in PR advantage. Almost all are about topics the media finds newsworthy and is interested in covering. Therefore, PR programs for nonfiction books can produce more significant results. Publicists work closely with authors to find the most buzzworthy points in a book and call them to the media's attention. It's likely other books on your topic have gone before you and the trick is the explain what makes yours unique. When you do, it paves the way for interview appearances and news coverage.

Good PR people think like the editors and producers they work with and package information about your book accordingly. When you show that you'll attract their audiences' attention, you'll have a leg up in earning coverage. Authors who handle their book PR media appearances well are often asked back for future shows or called for comments on current news. Those relationships can be beneficial in the long run as you become better known and respected in your field. If you run a business or lead a professional practice, new clients will come your way; as a result, book PR pays off handsomely.

Creativity in the form of original ideas in your book and your comments to the media also help. The point is to get people's attention and hold it. Books that sell well can have long shelf lives when their topics and content are ahead of the curve; it's especially true for nonfiction titles. From the beginning, think about newsworthiness as you write and continually challenge yourself to present new ideas or information in fresh, new ways. Knowing the marketplace is also wise; finding out what authors have written matters. Your book will be evaluated along with these by target readers.

You can also boost your book's newsworthiness by writing in specific genres. For example, self-help books are generally highly newsworthy. Many of the most popular titles go on to start trends; a perfect example is diet crazes that often begin with a book (or cookbook). Regardless of genre, you can develop new angles and ways of looking at things. People enjoy learning from books, and expanding their understanding of a well-known topic also can work. It must readily show readers what they'll gain from your book. Remember also how much a subtitle matters, and write a strong one. 

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