When you write a quality book and meet the competition effectively, there's significant opportunity for authors today. But as book marketing services experts will tell you, success relies on a well-planned and well-timed promotional program. Your target readers have other choices, and many authors are competing for their attention, so you need to promote to stay top of mind actively. Creativity in your campaign is always beneficial, but in a way that's understandable to your audience. The trick is to appear fresh and unique but within the realm of your genre. Each one has trends and norms that readers understand.

Even though most books are still read in published form, you can use eBook price promotions at the beginning. They help you climb quickly on sales charts and attract the attention of algorithms on online booksellers. When they begin recommending you to other browsers, you'll see an uptick in sales. Holding a limited-time deep discount on eBooks to encourage downloads will get the ball rolling. It's an excellent way to gain attention without sacrificing printed copies at too-low prices. When you work with a publicist or marketer, they can give you ideas for starting your eBook promotion.

Your author's platform is also a useful promotional tool. It includes your email list, website, blog if you have one, and social media channels. Reaching out to people already interested in your work with an offer to buy your books at a promotional discount can get people reading it. Word-of-mouth advertising is still consequential in the book world, and people must read your work to discuss it. You can post on social media to announce your book release and follow up with promotional pricing. Another idea is to offer a pre-publication discount and encourage people to order in advance.

Taking a long-term view of book promotion opportunities, you'll promote yourself with your book if you plan things well. It sets the stage for writing future books and promoting your business if you have one. Authors are regarded as subject-matter experts and given speaking platforms, media interviews, and the like. When you become more visible, people connect you with your writing, and you're on the way to building an author brand. They have long-term, if not lifetime, benefits and boost your career and income-earning potential. As a result, well-planned promotions are essential.

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