Budget Friendly Cottages in Ooty for your next vacation

Richtime Holiday's cottages are best suited for the family stay and group stay. Our Ooty cottages come with several modern amenities. Every cottage includes a spacious interaction place, activity space, restaurants, TV, reading room, Wi-fi, kitchen, dining rooms, fireplaces, room service, doctor on call, ironing facilities, parking, room service, laundry service, 24/7 power supply, and much more.

Richtime Holidays provides budget-friendly cottages in ooty for travelers. Our cottages are designed to accommodate all types of tourists of various budgets and needs. Our cottages include a spacious hall with a dining area which gives the exact views of the mountains and valleys to the tourists. We also offer family-friendly accommodation.

Book A Holiday Cottages In Ooty For The Holidays

Our cottages' room charges start from Rs:2500/- per day. 

Our huge variety of cottages is situated in every important spot for sightseeing in Ooty. We have cheaper, lower budgets and higher prices; Richtime Holidays includes all kinds of cottages on our list.

Cottages are the inexpensive and comfortable stay options offered in Ooty. Our cottages in Ooty are simple to book and rent. Richtime Holidays provides customized attention and care to every tourist with the great benefits of cottage rooms viewing the extensive attraction of the atmosphere, cloudy weather mountain of Ooty, the setting of tea estates and spacious meadows, and an opportunity for you to experience paradise in Ooty.

If you are planning to take a short break at the weekend, or a longer vacation, then Richtime Holidays has a huge range of cottage rooms that suit your budget. Why are you postponing? Hurry Up! To book a wonderful stay at our Richtime Holidays Cottages to experience great memorable accommodation.Let's happy to sit in the comfortable chairs on the balcony and enjoy the sightseeing in the Ooty mountains, and have a sip of coffee, or tea at our cottage.

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