One of the major changes in today's Escape from tarkov roubles technical update was the new Anti-RMT feature which will block the exchange of some items between squad members during the raid.
Specific items, mostly the valuable ones, without the found in raid status, will no longer be droppable by the player during the raid as the item will get destroyed if the player tries to.

With this feature, Battlestate Games are trying to combat cheaters as well as players bringing in raid valuable items and giving them to other players, and helping them progress through the game faster.

As for the cheaters part, they are known to roam the map, being able to see what every player is carrying and blackmail them into giving them valuable items for a safe passage. This should demotivate a lot of cheaters as looting will be far less worthy.

The player will get a warning for the items in question, and if he chooses to ignore the warning, the items will be destroyed. 

The same will apply if he tries to place items inside backpacks, pockets, chest rigs, or even if he tries to drop the backpack including those items, so there seems to be no way around this blockade. 

Items will also get destroyed if a player gets killed by another player. However, if the players die with the items inside their secure container, items will not be destroyed.

The changes will apply to the following items:

All barter items (with some permissions below) .

Keys and Keycards .

Money (quantity based).

Containers .
Specific armbands.

Info items.

Specific melee weapons (UVSR Taiga-1 survival machete, Red Rebel ice pick, Miller Bros. Blades M-2 Tactical Sword, Kiba Arms Tactical Tomahawk).

As for the items that are quantity based like money, the rules are as follows:

Roubles — 20 000.

Golden neck chain — 3 pieces .
Gunpowder “Kite” — 3 pieces .
Toolset — 2 pieces.
Paracord — 1 piece.

Silicone tube — 1 piece.

Injectors — 1 piece each type.

Roler Submariner gold wristwatch — 1 piece.

As always, players seem to be divided over Buy EFT Roubles the issue as there is an ongoing heated discussion happening both on Reddit and on Discord. 

Will this shape the game for the better is to be seen.