Phone manufacturers work hard to make visually engaging phones, but most people immediately cover their hard work with colorful phone cases. If you enjoy your phone’s natural design but still want a little protection, grab a clear case instead. Some cases meet in the middle by including a touch of color or some other design element without becoming opaque. The best clear phone case is the Oribox Clear Phone Case. It packs in multiple layers of protection and offers tinted clear cases in addition to a standard clear option.

What to know before you buy a clear phone case

This is the first question to ask yourself before you begin shopping for a clear phone case. Every phone is built differently, even phones from the same manufacturer that look like they’re identical. If you don’t buy a case discount phone parts that’s specifically made for your phone, you could cover the ports, buttons and camera lenses. If you don’t know the answer, finding it is easy. All you need to do is go into your phone’s settings and look for the “about” section. Your model name and number are there, and either can be used to narrow your search results to matching cases.


Clear phone cases are usually just plainly translucent all over, but they don’t have to be. Many are tinted with a range of colors, either only on the sides or all over. Other cases may have an opaque design on the back that still leaves room for translucency around it

Protection level

Clear phone cases offer different degrees of protection.

  •     Light: Most clear phone cases offer light protection. These cases cling tightly to the phone to avoid adding bulk. Mild drop protection is about all you can expect.
  •     Moderate: Bulkier clear cases offer moderate protection. This can include strong drop protection, raised edges to protect the screen and camera lenses and anti-slip sides for a better grip.
  •     Heavy: Few, if any, clear cases offer heavy protection, as this class usually involves hiding the phone in multiple thick layers.

Screen protector

Some clear cases come with either a built-in screen protector wholesale phone parts or are bundled with a screen protector you need to apply.

  •     Built-in screen protectors are typically thin sheets of plastic that cover the screen. These can make it harder for your phone to detect inputs, but it’s also easier to use and maintain.
  •     Bundled screen protectors are separate sheets of plastic or glass that need to be applied. Your inputs aren’t affected, but the application process can be difficult; trapping specks of dust underneath is one of the most common issues.

Wireless charging compatibility

As wireless charging continues to become more utilized, many phone case manufacturers look to ensure their cases are thin enough not to block wireless charging from working. Most clear cases are thin enough, but mobile phone repair parts thicker and more protective cases may not be compatible.

How much you can expect to spend on a clear phone case

Clear phone cases are typically more simple than other cases, so their cost is frequently lower. Most cost around - but some of the more rugged or brand-name options might cost up to . This case is a good choice if you want as little weight and bulk added as possible. It fits tightly against the phone to add effectively no bulk or weight while still helping to prevent scratches and other basic damage. The edges can be plain clear or tinted red or blue. The ports and buttons are precisely cut out so there’s no interference in operation.