If you want to learn how to farm Gold and Silver quickly in Lost Ark, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you the fastest and most efficient ways of farming Lost Ark Gold in the game.

Selling Unnecessary Items At Auction House For Gold

First thing is first if you have reached mid or end game, then you will have plenty of unnecessary items in your inventory that you can sell for Gold. You can sell these unwanted items at the Auction house in Lost Ark, which unlocks when you reach level 30 in the game.

If you go to the Auction House for the sake of selling items and obtaining gold out of it for the first time, you will be surprised to see the number of unnecessary items you have in inventory.

You can sell raw materials, trading cards, underpowered gear, trading cards, skins, and engraving books.

If you have run out of items to sell further at the auction house and keep farming free gold in Lost Ark, then you can always get more items and re-visit the Auction House in Lost Ark.

Take Care of Relationships

If you want, you can build relationships with different NPCs in Lost Ark. The better your relationship with a certain character, the more valuable gifts these NPCs will give you. The catch: you only get each reward once, so you can only farm a limited amount of gold with this method.

However, especially beginners and low-level characters get a nice start for their adventures in Arkesia with this method. The following NPCs are especially worth the effort:

Sasha (Star’s Origin): 3,500 gold

Avele (Vern Castle): 1,400 gold

Ealyn (Vern Castle): 1,000 gold

Neria (Wave Stand Harbor, East Luterra): 600 gold

Neria (Star’s origin): 600 gold

Thirain (Luterra Castle): 500 gold

Zeira (Star’s origin): 200 gold

Sell non-essential items

The Auction House, which you unlock at level 30, is a good place to quickly collect large amounts of gold, both during the leveling phase and in the endgame. So sell early and regularly those items you don’t need, including:

Collectible items for adventure foliants

Engraving guides and stones

Collectible cards

Upgrade materials

Raw materials

Una Tasks

Una tasks can make an extra gold income per week. You can buy up to three chests every week from the gold vendor. Those chests can make you rich if you are lucky. You can have a giant gold bar inside which is 10k gold. But honestly, the chance to get this giant gold bar is 1-2%, so don't go too enthusiasts about that. However, you can make 3k gold surely per week because every chest contains a minimum of 1k gold. By the way, don't take small or medium chests, they are not worth, take directly the big one. The more you have, the more you can have in tokens.

Just grind for extra in the tokens. If you want to complete this, you just need to do your weekly quest. The best thing you can do is 2 boss rush and 1 cube per week. If you like PVP you can also do the weekly, it gives a lot of great honor leapstone. Boss rush is pretty easy to do only 15 waves. You can go there and pick up groups, this is absolutely no problem.

Gold Farming sometimes can be a problem because it has an activity cap for each character per day and if you want to obtain more gold you need to do the same ways on multiple characters and sometimes it can be boring. However, in order to earn a large chunk of gold, you must follow these recommendations and put in a lot of work. Unless you choose to Buy Lost Ark Gold from a secure website, if that's what you're thinking, I recommend a website: https://www.igv.com/Lost-Ark-Gold