Eyebrow microblading is the name given to an best eyebrow tattoo Auckland technique. The recent advancement in cosmetic tattoo techniques has paved the way for various options for getting the eyes tattooed.

Eyebrow microblading is also known by another name - eyebrow feathering. Eyebrow microblading is among the most popular choices for eyebrow tattoos.

If done correctly, this technique procedures tiny hair strokes to blend in harmoniously with your natural hair creating a new and perfect shape.

It adds fullness and fills out the gaps and missing spots beautifying your eyes and face.

Everything About Eyebrow Tattoo

So, does getting an eyebrow tattoo hurt?

A complete health review is done before the procedure is started to ensure that you are suitable and fit to undergo the process.

After the complete checkup, the candidate is given a topical anesthetic to minimize the discomfort during the procedure.

Do you shape and draw before an eyebrow tattoo? 

Before starting the microblading process, the tattoo artist will carefully measure your face, eyes and eyebrows, then draw and design the most flattering brows for you. The main procedure starts after you approve the design.

One thing to note is that the drawn design will be thicker and broader than the end result, as the artist needs to leave some room for shrinking after healing.

Will the eyebrow tattoo Auckland match my natural hair?

Like any hairdressing technique, the artist will choose a suitable pigment that best matches your natural hair colour and skin tone.

The colour chosen may be directly available or made by mixing two or more shades. The selected pigment may appear to be two shades darker to allow fading during the healing process.

What tool is used in eyebrow tattoos?

eyebrow tattoo auckland

A hand-based tool designed like a pen is used for the eyebrow microblading process. The tool has a very tiny blade with many micro edges attached to its end.

An experienced and practised artist will create wonderful strokes that are super clean, sharp and harmonious with directions in your natural eyebrow.

The newly constructed hair strokes will then be filled with your chosen shade of pigmentation. Finally, they clean up and reveal your new and stylish brows that give your face a unique personality.

During the microblading process, fine hair strokes are manually hand tattooed into the skin surface in slow and delicate motion to ensure realistic and natural results.

What does eyebrow microblading look like?

If done right, microblading gives a purely natural look that is untraceable to the naked eye. However, you must research properly and choose an experienced tattoo artist, as the procedure is not entirely risk-free.

Apart from the risks, if you approach an amateur, you may end up with unshaped or mismatched eyebrows or the wrong colour of brows. Then you will have to go for correction services that are time-consuming, costly, and painful.


We hope our post about eyebrow tattoo Auckland has provided you with the insight necessary to help you decide whether to continue with the process.

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