Wearing gloves in the water will not only provide better grip, but you will be protected from cuts, scratches, etc. If you're a sailor, you know the pain of rope burns!


In water, the first place to lose heat is our extremities, so wearing high-quality gloves will help. Keep your hands dry, warm,and comfortable throughout your watersports session.

We tend to ignore that our hands need protection, so wearing a pair of gloves means "putting on that extra layer of sunscreen".


When Should You Wear Gloves?

Whether you choose to wear gloves depends entirely on your activity. But it is necessary to carry it at all times.

You can choose to wear gloves according to the season or weather.

If it is some water sports, such as sailing or offshore work, then you need to wear gloves for a long time. Protects hands from abrasion from other fabrics such as ropes.


Choose The Right Gloves For Your Activity

The vast majority of watersports gloves are designed to repel moisture. Therefore, it is important to understand the fabric of your gloves and what you need them for.


Other Considerations           


Reinforced palms and fingers are common for most watersports gloves and will help longevity, as this is where you’ll expect the most abrasion from holding your paddle or when guiding ropes.