Customization Welding Parts have a number of advantages that are unmatched by other structures, mainly in the following areas:




1. Customization Welding Parts have a high degree of integrity. Because welding is a kind of connection between metal atoms, with high rigidity, and good integrity, will not be like other mechanical connections under the action of external forces due to gap changes and excessive deformation, so the strength and rigidity of Customization Welding Parts welded joints are generally comparable or similar to the parent material, can be with the parent material to withstand a variety of loads.


2. The strength of Customization Welding Parts is high and the weight is light. Customization Welding Parts are mostly made of rolled materials, which can withstand strong impact loads, and the strength of steel is many times higher than masonry, concrete, and other construction materials. Modern Customization Welding Parts welding technology produces welded joints that are stronger than the base material.

Parts or components of Customization Welding Parts can be joined directly by welding without the need for any additional connectors. Compared to riveted construction, the weight of the same structure can be reduced by 10% to 20%.


3. Customization Welding Parts have a high level of safety. Due to the good plasticity of the steel, in general, no sudden fractures and damage will be caused by accidental or partial overloads, but rather a large premonition of deformation will occur in advance so that remedial measures can be taken. Steel also has good toughness and strong adaptability to the dynamic loads acting on the structure, providing a reliable guarantee of the safe use of Customization Welding Parts.

Within a certain stress range, the steel is in an ideal elastic state, which is in good agreement with the basic assumptions used in engineering mechanics, so that the calculation results are accurate and reliable, ensuring the safe use of Customization Welding Parts.


4. 定制 焊件 致密。由于焊缝致密,定制焊件可以保证产品的气密性和水密性,这是锅炉、储气罐、储油罐等压力容器正常运行不可或缺的条件。


5  、定制焊件 具有良好的经济效益。使用某些型材时,定制焊接件比轧制更经济。


以上就是 定制焊件的特点,希望能帮助您更好的了解我们的产品,如果您想定制焊件,请直接联系我们。