Janis Thomas, Ecommerce & Marketing Director at our client Look Fabulous Forever, joined us on our latest webinar where we discussed many topics relating to retail, including why personalised recommendations are crucial for creating effective online selling experiences. Below are three ways that Look Fabulous Forever utilised the Colour Quiz, a guided selling tool providing users with personalised recommendations, to improve their e-commerce performance in ways outside of direct conversion rates and order values.

 Top of Funnel Engagement

Although personalised recommendations can be a great e-commerce tool for converting customers, with our own Connect SaaS product improving conversion rates by 200%, for Look Fabulous Forever, it has proven to be an extremely effective top of funnel tool. Although they were initially surprised, Look Fabulous Forever have found that the biggest audience for the Colour Quiz are consumers that are new to the brand and less familiar with the concept of warm or cool skin tones, one of the core concepts Look Fabulous Forever uses to find products that compliment a shopper’s look. Naturally, the Colour Quiz provides a perfect welcome for shoppers at this stage in the buying cycle as it not only educates shoppers about the concept of warm and cool skin tones in easy to understand methods (see below image) but then uses the shopper’s given answers to provide a product recommendation. Even if they aren’t ready to buy at that moment, getting this level of engagement and product education for this audience is otherwise extremely difficult to match digitally.

Added Value To Marketing Campaigns

With personalised recommendations being such an effective top of funnel tool for engagement, it only makes sense to incorporate them into wider marketing campaigns. Which is exactly what Look Fabulous Forever have done. Rather than promoting their latest products or products that first time visitors viewed that may not be right for them, Look Fabulous Forever have promoted their Colour Quiz and it’s ability to provide personalised recommendations via their digital marketing campaigns. Not only is it a very welcoming and informative way to introduce shoppers to your brand, but with the “email your recommendations” feature, remarketing campaigns will become even more effective as users are reminded of their recommendations which provides an authentic starting point to re-engage visitors. Which will make marketing budgets stretch further as the campaigns become more efficient in converting browsers into shoppers.

Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score

Although not surprising, the colour quiz has also proven to be an extremely effective way to improve customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score. Prior to the Colour Quiz, Look Fabulous Forever had maintained a pretty consistent NPS for the previous 12 months, and then, within months of the launch of the Colour Quiz, they saw a 6 point increase. The Colour Quiz was the only significant change that Look Fabulous Forever made to their site during this period. Not only that, but Look Fabulous Forever have made it a habit to regularly survey their customers and visitors, and since the Colour Quiz went live, 96% of shoppers that have engaged with the Colour Quiz have been satisfied or very satisfied with their recommended products. These two improvements go hand in hand and not only help improve the customer purchase cycle and encourage new business but also help improve the likelihood of repeat business and interest levels in new products that Look Fabulous Forever launch as they get incorporated into the Colour Quiz.

Find Out More

If you are interested to find out more about Look Fabulous Forever and the work that went into Conversity developing the Colour Quiz with them, click here to watch the full webinar with Look Fabulous Forever. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about Conversity Connect, the tool that powered Look Fabulous Forever’s Colour Quiz,