Sonalika tractor is an Indian agriculture machinery or tractor manufacturer. The company was founded in Punjab in 1995. The tractor company is the 3rd largest manufacturer of tractors in India with the capacity to produce 3,00,000 tractors the Year. The company was number 1 in India export selling tractors. Sonalika tractor manufacturers range from 20 HP to 120 HP and Sonalika tractors also Provide 2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel drive for large and small quantities, and the brand completes the whole manufacturing process .  Sonalika tractor models are available in different model features and sizes so farmers can easily choose from this range according to their farming and commercial uses.


Why should you choose a Sonalika tractor for farming?


Sonalika tractor manufactures the most suitable models for every farming activity the brand frequently delivers the newest emerging technologies and equipment in the agriculture sector. The tractor prices are effective and acceptable for farmers. Sonalika tractors provide excellent service after sales. The brand's customer-focused aligning system provides customer satisfaction. The company developed and delivered high-quality tractors.


Sonalika tractor Price in India.


Visit the Khetigaadi website to complete an updated Sonalika tractor price list and models. The price list in India considers old , latest, and new Sonalika tractor models. Sonalika tractor 2023 price range is affordable for the farmer


Top 3 Sonalika tractor price and specification


  • Sonalika DI 60 ➖

Sonalika DI 60  has an excellent tractor in the Indian market position and it comes in the range of 60 HP and PTO HP 51. The tractor has 8 forward +2 reverse Gears and oil-immersed brakes and the fuel capacity of the tractor is 65 liters it comes with mechanical steering and 4 cylinders. and the tractor Price Up from 6.75 Lakh Rs To 7.05 Lakh.


  • Sonalika DI 740 III

                    Sonalika DI 740 III is one of the best tractor models with cutting-edge technology and an excellent cooling system for the best performance. Sonalika DI 740 is a 2-wheel drive tractor. The tractor has 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. It is the best agriculture operation. Its tractor has 2 steering features. it comes in an HP 42HP and a lifting capability of 1600 kg provided on this tractor and the tractor price is up from 7.05 lakh to 8.05 lakh.

Sonalika DI 35 tractor engine efficiency of this tractor 39 HP and PTO 24.6 is the supermodel of the Sonalika brand Sonalika DI 35 tractor is a diesel saver tractor. It is suitable to purchase by farmers. The number of cylinders attached to tractor 3 has outstanding ability and maximum efficiency to offer the tractor price up to 7 lakh to 7.55 lakh.


FAQ Related To Sonalika Tractor.


  •  What is the HP range of Sonalika tractors?

     ANS:- The HP range of is Sonalika tractor is 20HP to 90HP


  • What is HP Sonalika DI 734 ?

     ANS -  Sonalika DI 734 has 34 HP.