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Why can't you take tramadol? There are several reasons why someone might not take tramadol, including allergies, interactions with other medications, or certain medical conditions. It's crucial to consult a healthcare provider before taking tramadol to assess its safety and suitability for your specific situation. Additionally, tramadol has a potential for misuse, so it should be used only as directed by a healthcare professional. Can you Buy Tramadol over the counter in UK. 
Does tramadol deplete dopamine? Tramadol can influence dopamine levels in the brain due to its serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) properties. It may enhance dopamine release, contributing to pain relief and potential mood elevation.

Can I drink coffee with tramadol? Drinking coffee with tramadol may increase alertness due to the stimulating effects of caffeine. However, it can also exacerbate potential side effects like anxiety or jitteriness. Use caffeine in moderation while taking tramadol and be aware of how it affects you individually.
Is 25 mg of tramadol a lot? A 25 mg dose of tramadol is relatively low and is typically used in situations where a lower dosage is appropriate, such as in older adults or those with certain medical conditions. However, it's essential to follow your doctor's prescribed dosage, as tramadol's effectiveness can vary based on individual factors. Avoid self-medicating or exceeding prescribed doses.

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