Usually, on a regular day, if you are trying to book your Spirit flight, then you can book your flight on Tuesdays. Why Tuesday? If you try to book your flight on any day of the weekend, then due to the weekend rush, you may find high prices, but on weekdays, the flight bookings are comparatively low, and Tuesday becomes the prime day for spirit flight bookings.

How to get a cheap Spirit Airlines flight?

Every traveler needs cheap flights and searches and roams to get flights at cheaper rates. If you also want to book your first flight but your budget is tight, then in this short post, you’ll learn some of the best ways that will help you book your cheap flight.

Fare Calendar.

People can use the Spirit low fare calendar to check on which day the rates of the flights are cheap. Spirits offers this feature to every customer and hence provides cheap and budget-friendly air tickets. You can access it from the reservation tab, where when you select the date, the fare calendar opens and shows you the flight rates.

Incognito mode.

This is the most underrated hack people use to find their flight. Airlines use browser cookie data to increase their flight rates, using incognito mode helps you to see the same flight rate at any time.

Red-eye flights:

You can also look for the flights that are traveling between midnight to early morning. These flights are comparatively cheaper than the flights flying in the daytime.