Herbal Tea Products Detail Tea Name Flower Blend Tea Tea TypeFlower Blend Tea OriginChina SampleProviding/Free of Charge ServiceOEM&ODM is available Flower Blend Tea is a kind of tea made from the flowers or leaves of plants or its fruits. It belongs to a kind of reprocessed tea unique to China. How many kinds of flower tea are there? 1. According to the varieties of flowers used in scented tea, it is divided into jasmine tea, magnolia flower tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea, lemon tea, pearl orchid tea, grapefruit tea, tortoise tea, lotus leaf tea, stevia leaf tea, etc. 2. According to the flower parts used in flower tea, it is divided into herbal tea and flower and fruit tea. Herbal tea: scented tea made from plant leaves or flowers, such as lotus leaf tea, stevia leaf tea, etc. Scented tea: Scented tea made from plant fruits, such as fig tea, lemon tea, hawthorn tea, Luo Han Guo tea, etc. Which scented tea is best? Different people, different tastes, and different seasons have different preferences for scented tea, but jasmine tea is in line with the consumption habits of most people. 1. Most people like to drink jasmine tea. Jasmine tea has a strong fragrance, which can effectively relieve fatigue, nourish the skin and beautify the face. Some people drink it all year round. 2. Many women like to drink rose tea, which has a hint of rose fragrance, which is said to adjust the mood. 3. Some people like the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus, and they also like to drink sweet-scented sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus tea. 4. In summer, people generally like to drink chrysanthemum tea and honeysuckle tea. Customer Mr. Alda from Italy 鈥淚 bought chrysanthemum cassia tea at GMTI's house. This tea is delicious and convenient to drink. It has a light fragrance and has good health care effects on eyes and liver. The whole family is suitable for drinking, and I will buy more in the future as a daily drink.鈥?/p> Gmti Reply In fact, there are many plants that can make scented tea, but it should be done in moderation. Some scented teas will have negative effects on the body after drinking too much, so choose carefully. GMTI is absolutely a right choice.Herbal Tea website:http://www.gmteafactory.com/special-tea/herbal-tea/