China H Type Chicken Cage manufacturers H type automatic pullet rearing chicken cage for layers Product Description H type pullet cag ModelCell Size/mmUnit Size/mmUnit birds quantity H-4 tiers430x600x4102170x2500x3600240 whose systemcages, cage frame, automatic drinking, feeding, manure removal and egg collection( for layers) MaterialQ235 Steel Wire Surface TreatmentHot dipped galvanized Lifespan15 to 30 years,depends on countries' climate and poultry house design PackageCage and frame is in bulk, some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box Feature 1.Quantity of chicken in each unit area far exceeds the floor breeding way,it can increase 50% to 100% 2.Chicken manure and chicken are completely isolated. Manure can be directly transit outdoor, less chance get disease through infected feces, greatly reduced the morality of chicken; 3.Chicken limited to the minimum amount of exercise, energy consumption, save feed, grow faster 4.Easy to observe birds 5.Have sufficient feed,water position and health uniformity are better for chicken 6.Can be avoided raising the required level of expenditure litter 7.Low labor intensity,full automatic system can improve the work efficiency and reduce the labour charges and easy to handle 10.rational structure and low energy consumption Nipple Drinkers with water cup PP, plastic and Stainless steel High quality raw material, toxic-free. Health to pullet growth. H type pullet cage with nipple drinker and water cup, keep chicken cage in dry condition. The height can be adjustable according to pullet growth. Feeding pan applied in H type pullet cage system. Because days pullet is to young to reach the feed in feed trough.China H Type Chicken Cage manufacturers website: