Bulk Mudp Chip Company Profile Changsha Vicco Technology Co. Ltd. is dedicated to providing Data storage chips and products for different applications with different solutions, Our group company concentrated on supporting one-stop service for both bulk package flash memory chips for OEM customers and also retail package goods for brand customers. As a professional data storage supplier, We have been supplying Flash memory products for over 10years, from TF card, mudp, udp, OTG, Type C, PCBA, to SSD/BGA/EMMC/DDR, With the upgrading of flash memory technology, we always insist on developing leading products and continuous growth.To be the most reliable, stability data storage products supplier.We also have CE , FCC, ROHS. Competitive Advantage 鈼廤ith word leading suppliers for wafer resources, Like Hynix, Micron, Toshiba, YMTC. 鈼廤ith Hongkong warehouse for flash memory chips Wholesales which are very convenient for supply and logistics. 鈼廤ith more than 200engineers in our group company for both hardware and software to keep all processes Autonomous and Controllable. 鈼廤ith sales team in both Shenzhen and Changsha which can support quick services. 鈼廠upport Retail package products assemble and inspection for brand customers in Changsha to save labor and land use cost, Which make our cost more competitive. R&D Capability There are more than 200 engineers in our group company to support our own controller, Firmware for different customer鈥檚 demands on different solutions. Industry Status Primary resources for wholesale flash memory products, we can support from controller, chips to finished goods with strict quality control management.Bulk Mudp Chip website:http://www.viccotech.com/