Starting a business or freelancing will need a working space, after all. One can work at home, but meeting clients or growing a team will only be possible once a dedicated commercial space is allotted for business operations.


To avoid financial stress and avail of modern services, startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs often opt for a coworking space in Metro Manila. It is a boon for companies operating in different countries too. Here is a small guide to finding a suitable co-working space to rent in the city.

A guide to finding co-working space in Manila

Before we start with the guide, we need to understand what a co-working space is. It is well-defined and full of proper modern infrastructure working space offered as a service to the businesses to operate in a city. Mostly, the co-working spaces are located in the business districts of top-tier cities such as Metro Manila.

Many people work in the same space in different cubicles. Remote workers, freelancers and small businesses often choose this arrangement to conduct business operations and meet clients. Here is what you need to follow to find the most suitable co-working space.

  1. Services offered in packages

Check the services offered by the service providers. You will find a list of services included in a package to consider. Find out what you need to cater to your business operations and choose the right package. If the service provider permits, you can customize a package based on your needs.

  1. Location of a co-working space

Check the location of the co-working space in Manila first. The place decides the level of communication and other services you can find conveniently. A good site is also a great point to impress clients. Also, your employees can commute easily to the location and maintain a proper work-life balance.

  1. Cost

Check the cost of renting a co-working space in Metro Manila and then proceed to make a decision. Rest assured that renting a commercial space will cost you more than getting a co-working space for the time being. When your business is at its beginning stage, it is better to go with such options.

  1. Environment and culture

Check the environment and culture of the business address where you want to seek a co-working space. Remember, your peace of mind is vital to work efficiently and giving productive output.

  1. Networking benefits

Check the crowd of the co-working space in Manila and find out your networking benefits. It is added advantage for a business owner to find like-minded people. Being a part of a diverse population of professionals from different industrial backgrounds will also prove to be beneficial for your business.

Bottom line

Consider these pointers and find the most suitable co-working space in Metro Manila. Check the addresses in the city and start scouting them physically. This way, you will understand your needs and choose the ideal option.