There are primarily two ways to access the Linksys extender login portal on your smartphone. The first is through the online browser, and the second is via the Linksys WiFi app. Both approaches have distinct steps and criteria for the login window process. In addition, the default login credentials, which include the extender's username and password, will be required. So, start with these details, which may be found in the extender's manual setup guide. That guide will also include other paperwork for your product, so take it as well. After that, select your desired option and review the instructions provided here.


For the first approach, open your device's web browser and navigate to the search bar. Type any. To access the login site, enter any of the addresses, such as web or IP, into the search field. However, in the second option, go to the device's app store and search for the Linksys WiFi app. Wait for it to install and reach the login portal later.