Productive applications that can boost productivity and help us manage our hectic schedules are in high demand as mobile devices continue to advance and become an essential part of people’s everyday lives. Android users now have access to a variety of applications that use machine learning algorithms to simplify and ease our lives, thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


AI chatbot development companies, such as Sphinx Solutions, are constantly evolving with the growing landscape in the AI field, because of its high usability and scalability.

A few instances of this can be:

  • AI facilitates more scientific work
  • AI helps to enhance your well-being
  • AI makes photo editing easier for social media use as well


When most people think of artificial intelligence (AI), they think of AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT. But these days, AI technology is exploding in all spheres of life, including healthcare, education, design, and more. Additionally, voice search apps are gaining prominence, revolutionizing how users interact with technology through spoken commands and queries.

What is an AI Assistant

It’s a program that can carry out user-given tasks and respond to voice commands by using natural language processing.


Let’s have a look at our best AI Assistants, their features, benefits, and pricing, so you can choose the right one for your needs!

Best AI Personal Assistants

1. Google Assistant

Google created the artificial intelligence-driven AI Assistant known as Google Assistant. Inquiries can be answered, reminders can be issued, and smart home gadgets can be controlled by means of basic two-way interactions.


Features of Google Assistant:



Information and Help

Game updates





Unit conversions


Image search

Web answer

Productivity Tools

Making calls to any publicly listed business or any person in your contacts

Sending texts

Taking screenshots

Adjusting the volume

Getting a map of your current location

Sharing your location with someone else

Phone Functions and Settings

Making a phone call

Checking and sending a short message

Checking and creating a schedule

Setting alarms and timers

Taking screenshots

Adjusting the volume

Local Information

Checking the news and weather

Getting advice on where to eat, drink, dance or shop


Making calls to your contacts

Asking to take certain actions by voice, such as send a payment, make a reservation, or post to social media

Asking AI Assistant to open your installed apps

Music and News

Listening to and playing music

Getting quick answers

Getting music and news

Pricing: Completely free!

2. Wysa

Touchkin eServices develops the health app Wysa, which makes use of cutting-edge AI technologies. Similar to a chatbot, Wysa offers customers 150 different therapeutic treatments through chat discussions by utilising various therapeutic techniques like dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Consequently, user stress, anxiety, and depression are managed, reduced, and even completely eliminated.


Wysa’s usual features, including breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and guided meditations, are available to free users of the platform. You need to subscribe to a premium version in order to access the whole tool library and get additional support from one-on-one coaching sessions.


Features of Wysa:




Wysa’s AI Assistant can help users cope with stress

Self-help Tools

Wysa provides a library of evidence-based self-help tools.


Wysa offers one-on-one coaching sessions with mental health professionals. Wysa coaches use a person-centered approach and offer empathetic, non-judgmental listening.


Wysa offers meditation, yoga, and guided journaling. CBT exercises are easy to complete and take no longer than 10 minutes.

Anonymous Use

Users remain anonymous as they use the app

Pre-filled Responses

Wysa offers pre-filled responses and fun interactions

Pricing: $74.99 annually

3. Duolingo

Unsure of where to begin while learning a new language? Duolingo was created to make language learning entertaining for users. Duolingo provides users with online classes in up to 40 different languages, even though it is a completely free educational platform.


This program streamlines language learning through the use of game-like components like badges, levels, and points, as opposed to conventional courses. Duolingo compensates users with scores for finishing classes and hitting objectives after each level that they successfully complete.


The integration of AI in education is becoming increasingly prevalent, with platforms like Duolingo utilizing it to enhance language learning experiences. For instance, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), an international benchmark for language ability, is referenced and aligned with Duolingo’s course content, facilitated by AI algorithms. After students finish a course unit, Duolingo provides brief tests in addition to language instruction. Not only can students review and test their knowledge through this exam, but Duolingo also has a basis for assessing the efficacy of its instruction and making the required adjustments.


Features of Duolingo:



Personalised Learning

Duolingo’s approach adapts to the user’s learning style and tracks their progress.


Features include badges, progress bars, and in-app currency.

Spaced repetition: The app uses an algorithm to review and reinforce learned words and phrases.

Daily Goals

Users can set a target for the number of lessons they want to complete.

Progress tracking: The app shows the percentage of the course a user has completed and how close they are to their goals.


Small achievements are celebrated with colourful badges.

Speaking and reading: Users can practice their target language’s tone, accent, and pronunciation.

Time Tracker

Users can edit their daily goal settings.

Streak Feature

The app provides motivation by keeping streaks alive.


Users earn gems as they complete lessons

Heart System

Each mistake costs 1 heart, and 1 heart is restored every 5 hours. Users can also refill hearts with practice sessions or gems

4. ELSA Speak

Anyone looking to get better at speaking English may choose ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Speak. ELSA Speak is built with Generative AI Technology that analyses the user’s voice using deep artificial intelligence and powerful speech recognition to deliver immediate feedback on their intonation, rhythm, and pronunciation.


All users have to do is select a lesson category from the app, and it will start offering them drills and exercises to help them improve their speaking abilities right away. ELSA Speak can assist you in meeting your early goals in terms of English language proficiency, regardless of whether you are a professional, student, or someone else.


Features of ELSA Speak:



AI Assistant

ELSA AI is a generative AI tutor who practices with you in everyday conversations.

Live Speech Analyzer

Assess your speech during video calls, presentations, interviews, or just conversation.

Learning Plans

Offers customised learning plans to track your progress.


Provides real-time feedback on your mistakes.


Offers five types of games, including pronunciation, listening, and word stress.


Has an AI dictionary feature that allows you to search for any word, as well as learn and practise pronouncing them.

Video Tutorials

Offers video tutorials to help you sound like a native speaker and compare your voice to a native speaker

Self-paced Lessons

Offers self-paced lessons and multimedia.


Pricing: ELSA Speak has 2 different plans

  • ELSA Pro at $11.83 per month
  • ELSA Premium at $14.17 per month


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5. Replika AI Assistant


Replika AI is a virtual assistant and AI chatbot that leverages AI technology and machine learning to give you a customized and interactive experience. Unlike traditional AI chatbots, which simply provide precise answers in response to user inquiries, the app is meant to act as a friend for users, giving them a secure and accepting environment in which to discuss their ideas.


Replika AI can interpret and reply to user questions in a way that is human-like by utilizing deep learning algorithms and natural language processing. The dialogue between you and Replika AI will get better and more realistic the longer you speak. Other elements in this AI app, like mood tracking and meditation exercises, support users in enhancing their mental health and general well-being. In the realm of consumer tech AI trends, Replika represents a growing emphasis on personalized AI experiences that cater to individual mental health and emotional well-being needs.


Features of Replika AI:



Conversational experience

Users can create their own Replika and customize its name, gender, and appearance. Replika can adapt to a user’s personality, preferences, and interests, and create a unique relationship with them

Emotional support

Users can chat about everything with Replika, including exploring their relationship, finding a companion, and exploring the world together in AR

Games and activities

Replika offers games and activities, mood tracking, and therapeutic value

Advanced messages

Advanced messages are highlighted with a golden rim to separate them from the regular chat

Advanced AI mode

Users can use all the messages at once or only activate the mode when they need the best possible answer from their Replika


Pricing: Replika AI Assistant has 3 different plans

  • $19.99 per month
  • $5.83/month (Billed Annually)
  • $299.99 for lifetime

6. Google’s Socratic

A Google application called Socratic was created to assist users in learning and resolving homework- and curriculum-related issues. Socratic is really easy to use. On this AI app, students post any questions they may have. Socratic will identify the issue using AI technology and then offer a thorough explanation along with the solution.


Furthermore, Socratic offers an extensive knowledge base covering the majority of areas taught in schools today, including physics, science, arithmetic, literature, and more, assisting users in developing their general knowledge and aptitude. Practice problems, tests, and video tutorials are some examples of its content.


There is a paid subscription option and a free version of Socratic. They are functionally identical, though. The premium subscription, on the other hand, offers consumers a more uninterrupted learning experience by eliminating advertisements and other promotional content, which is the only distinction.


Features of Socratic:



Learning Resources

Socratic provides students with various learning resources, such as definitions, YouTube videos, Q&A, and links

Expert-created Study Guides

Socratic provides expert-created study guides, helpful videos, and step-by-step explanations that teach students the important concepts for most academic subjects

Open-ended Questioning

Socratic emphasizes open-ended questioning, critical thinking, and dialogue

Multiple Sources

Socratic provides great exposure to different types of learning materials for students to learn from, as well as teaches students to use multiple sources to draw conclusions for questions or scenarios


Students can use their voice or cameras to ask for help on anything they’re confused about. Socratic works by having students take a photo of their homework question. The app uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read the photo and classify it. The app then uses AI to predict which concepts will help the student solve their question.


Pricing: Socratic has 2 different plans

  • Growth: $10 per user per month, billed yearly
  • Scale: $18 per user per month, billed annually

7. Lensa AI

Lensa AI is an all-in-one artificial intelligence-powered photo editing program that you really shouldn’t ignore if you enjoy social media. Lensa AI, a well-liked AI tool for post-editing images and videos on Android and iOS devices, was introduced by Prisma Labs in 2018.


With just one swipe, you can obtain perfect edits from Lensa AI based on your real-life selfies. Many functions, such as filters, effects, auto-enhancement, object detection, and background removal, are available to users of this AI program. But Lensa AI didn’t really make an impact until 2022  when it introduced a feature named Magic Avatars. Magic Avatars functions as a clever AI picture generator and briefly starts a new trend on social media by enabling users to transform any photograph into distinctive visuals that nearly resemble cartoon characters.


Features of Lensa AI



Magic Correction

Improves facial retouching with a single tap

Background replacement or blurring

Replaces or blurs out the background with a single touch

Separate foreground and background tuning

Tunes both foreground and background to perfection separately

Filters and special effects

Applies unique filters and special effects to level up your photo editing game

Beat Sync

Syncs music to your video

Magic Avatars

Create avatars by selecting up to 20 selfies

Pricing: $35.99 annually with 1 week free trial

8. Bing AI

In the search engine market, Bing has long been recognized as Google’s direct rival. While Google still holds an 84% market share, Statista reports that Bing has been fighting hard in recent years to hold a nearly 9% market share in the PC market.


Microsoft Bing recently included ChatGPT, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, to its search engine so that users may receive more customised and intuitive search results. The expansion of Microsoft Bing continued from there and evolved from a standard search engine to Bing AI/Ms, a sophisticated search engine.


Bing AI is a technology that answers user inquiries by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with the Bing browser, much like ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is restricted to data until 2021, Bing AI offers constant updates of the most recent data. The Bing AI tool is incredibly convenient and lets users create content rapidly in addition to answering inquiries.


Features of Bing AI:



AI-powered answers

Bing provides AI-powered answers on the go

AI-powered writing assistant

Bing offers an AI-powered writing assistant

Image generation

Bing has an AI art generator that can create images in various styles

Visual search

Bing offers visual search

On-the-go translator

Bing offers an on-the-go translator

AI Chat

Bing AI Chat can generate answers based on what you say. It can also speak the responses it generates

Search history

Bing has searchable chat history.

Integration into third-party browsers

Bing is integrated into third-party browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari

Saved chats

Bing’s AI sidebar remembers previous conversations

Pricing: You pay only for what you use. Visit this official Microsoft Bing Pricing page to understand how you can be charged

9. Freeletics

Free­letics acts like a personal coach, pre­senting users with 20 unique workouts that combine­ cardio, weights, and flexibility exe­rcises. This AI Assistant fitne­ss coach examines each stage­ of the user’s exe­rcise plan to work out the optimal strategy for e­very individual fitness aspiration.

In addition, Free­letics behaves as a die­tician, providing consumers with meal strategie­s and culinary suggestions to assist in meeting the­ir body conditioning goals. This AI technology based app comes with a varie­ty of food options in its recipe and nutrition section, cate­ring to different dietary pre­ferences like­ paleo and vegan.


Features of Freeletics:



Personalised training plans

The app uses an AI-based algorithm to create plans based on your fitness goals and level. You can also make changes to your training program at any time

Wide range of workouts

The app offers a variety of workouts, including HIIT workouts, running, lifting weights, and bodyweight exercises. The free version of Freeletics Training also provides access to warm-ups, cool-downs, and a limited range of single exercises

Coach tab

The paid Coach tab includes a personalised fitness journey, training that caters to your fitness goals, and the ability to adapt or change your workouts

Nutrition course

The app offers a nutrition course to learn the basics of nutrition and develop healthy eating habits.


The app has a community of Free Athletes who encourage you to train and celebrate your progress

Data insights and performance tracking tools

The app offers data insights and performance tracking tools to maximise your results

Share your achievements

The app’s feed allows you to share all of your achievements

Pricing: Freeletics has 3 different plans

  • 3 months: $34.99
  • 6 months: $59.99
  • 12 months: $74.99


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You might currently feel enthusiastic about these renowned and highly regarded AI Assistant apps. Though these are the most popular, there are undoubtedly more possibilities for Android devices.


The demands and preferences of the user ultimately determine which app will be more popular and remain on your mobile device for a longer period of time. However, companies that offer AI Chatbot Development Services all over the world are working hard to enhance AI-powered personal assistant apps.


Thus, as technology advances, we should expect to see even more amazing smartphone apps in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) digital personal assistants in the future.

As technology continues to evolve, the banking sector is also embracing innovations to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. One notable advancement is the integration of AI in banking services.


How do I create an AI assistant?

Creating an AI assistant is a difficult procedure that calls for in-depth knowledge of frameworks and programming languages. If you possess the necessary expertise in the growing field of artificial intelligence, you may want to have a look at the list that is presented below. If not, you are always welcome to consult with our team of professionals at Sphinx Solutions and arrive at a well-informed choice.


Here are some steps you can take to create an AI assistant:

  • Identify a problem.
  • Develop prompts.
  • Create algorithms and logic.
  • Enable voice recognition and synthesis.
  • Train your model.
  • Test and fine-tune.


What does an AI assistant do?

An AI assistant, also known as a virtual assistant or digital assistant, is a program that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and natural language understanding to interact with users. AI assistants can perform tasks in two main ways: by voice or through text.


How much does an AI assistant cost?

The cost of an AI assistant depends on the type of service and the subscription model:

  1. Subscription-based services: AI virtual assistant services can cost between $20 per month for basic services and $500 per month for advanced solutions.
  1. Intelligent virtual assistant software: Most vendors charge on a monthly or annual subscription basis, with products ranging from $10 per month per user/seat up to $100 per month per user/seat.
  1. Custom AI solution: Can cost between $6,000 to $300,000.
  1. Third-party AI software: Can cost between $0 to $40,000 per year.
  1. Ongoing AI services: Can cost between $200 to $350 per hour.


If you’re in the process of developing a new AI Enabled Software or a System, the factors that can affect the cost of building an AI Assistant include:

  • The type of data available.
  • The complexity of the problem being solved.
  • The number of people involved in the project.
  • How long you’re willing to wait for results?