history of welding and cutting dust company has the advantages of small size and high efficiency. Due to the appearance of new filter material and the improvement of dust collector design, the filter barrel dust collector has been applied in dust removal engineering.

1, filter cylinder structure

history of welding and cutting dust company's filter element is the filter cylinder, the structure of the filter cylinder is divided into four parts: top cover, metal frame, pleated filter material and base.

The filter cylinder is the design length of the filter material folded into a pleat, end and end together into a cylinder; The inside and outside of the cylinder are supported by a metal frame, and the upper and lower parts are fixed by a top cover and a base. The top cover is provided with fixing bolts and washers. See figure for the performance and dimension of circular filter cylinder.

2, dust collector structure

The dust collector is composed of air inlet pipe, air exhaust pipe, box, ash hopper, dust cleaning device, filter cylinder and electronic control device.

The arrangement of the filter cylinder in the dust collector is very important, the filter cylinder can be arranged vertically on the box flower plate, can also be arranged tilted on the flower plate, fixed with bolts, and there is a rubber cushion; The lower part of the flower plate is divided into a filter chamber, and the upper part is divided into a clean gas chamber. In addition to bolting the cartridge, it is more convenient to use automatic locking devices and rubber compression devices, which are very convenient for installation and maintenance.

3. history of welding and cutting dust company

After the dusty gas enters the dust hopper, due to the sudden expansion of air flow section, some of the coarse dust particles in the air flow settle down under the action of gravity and inertia force. After the fine particle size and small density dust particles enter the filter chamber, the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter material through the comprehensive effect of Brown diffusion and screening, and the purified gas enters the clean gas chamber and passes through the exhaust pipe

Machine discharge.

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