The Golazo promotion has officially kicked off in FC 24 Ultimate Team, marking a celebration of unforgettable goals from the sport's legendary figures following the conclusion of the Ultimate Birthday event.



As the festivities of the new promotion commence, EA Sports has introduced a special Golazo player item to the Ultimate Team roster through a Squad Building Challenge (SBC). This time, it's the ex-Saudi Arabian flanker, Saeed Al-Owairan, who is honored with a unique Golazo Hero card.



Golazo Hero Al-Owairan Overview


Let's delve into the most cost-effective methods to unlock the Golazo Hero Al-Owairan Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for your Ultimate Team roster.


Electronic Arts has introduced the inaugural Golazo SBC as part of the FC 24 Ultimate Team content, featuring the legendary Saudi Arabian footballer Saeed Al-Owairan as a special Golazo player.



Al-Owairan is celebrated for his unforgettable goal during the 1994 FIFA World Cup, where he completed a stunning 70-yard run before scoring against Belgium. This iconic moment has cemented his reputation as one of the finest footballers from Asia in history.



The 90-rated Golazo Hero card of Al-Owairan boasts impressive attributes, reflecting his historic World Cup goal. The card features a remarkable 95 pace, 87 shooting, 86 passing, 91 dribbling, and a solid 81 in physicality.



In addition to these stats, Al-Owairan's card is enhanced by two PlayStyles+, specifically the Finesse Shot and Rapid, which further elevate his in-game performance.



Completing the Golazo Al-Owairan SBC


If you're aiming to bolster your Ultimate Team with a standout player, understanding the most cost-effective methods to finalize the Golazo Al-Owairan SBC is crucial. Let's delve into the strategies that will allow you to add this exceptional player without breaking the bank.


SBC Requirements and Rewards


To complete the Golazo Hero Al-Owairan Squad Building Challenge (SBC), participants must fulfill a series of requirements across different squads, each offering its own reward. Here's a breakdown of what's needed and what you'll receive for your efforts:


  • For the first squad, a minimum of one Team of the Week (TOTW) player must be included in your Starting 11, with the team's overall rating reaching at least 85. Successfully assembling this squad grants you a Mixed Players Pack.

  • The second squad demands at least one TOTW player in the Starting 11 again, but this time the team's overall rating must be a minimum of 86. The reward for this challenge is a Premium Electrum Players Pack.

  • Moving on to the third squad, the requirement simplifies to just a minimum team overall rating of 87, with no specific player conditions. Completing this will earn you a Small Prime Gold Players Pack.

  • The fourth squad requires a blend of the previous criteria: include at least one TOTW player in your Starting 11 and ensure the team's overall rating is at least 87. The Prime Electrum Players Pack is the reward for this challenge.

  • For the fifth squad, the overall rating requirement increases to a minimum of 88, but there's no need for a TOTW player. Your efforts will be rewarded with a Premium Gold Players Pack.

  • Lastly, the sixth and final squad needs to meet a team overall rating of at least 89. Upon completion, players will receive a Rare Electrum Players Pack.


Each squad presents its own challenge and reward, encouraging strategic team building and resource management to complete the Golazo Hero Al-Owairan SBC.


Total Cost and Conclusion


Upon successfully submitting the necessary teams for the Squad Building Challenge, you will have the opportunity to recruit Golazo Hero Al-Owairan to your Ultimate Team. The estimated cost for this addition is approximately 604K coins.


Are you planning to tackle this SBC? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comments section!



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