People in the Indian state of West Bengal like to gamble with the West Bengal State Lottery. The state government runs the lottery. In 2011, they changed the rule to make it harder for people to play daily and online lotteries.
Lottery organizers have to pay a fee for each draw and bumper draw under the new rule, which is called the West Bengal Lotteries Regulation on Payment of Charge for Draws, Rules 2011. The law is meant to bring in more money for the state's coffers and keep an eye on illegal lotteries, which are becoming more popular in the state.

The lottery brings in a lot of money for the state government, and the commissioner of farm income tax is in charge of getting the money from the people who run the lottery. The money needs to be put into the bank at least three days before the lottery draw or before tickets go on sale. 
This payment of charge for draws is expected to bring in several crores for the state budget.
But there has been trouble in the state because of the draw. People have said that the state government hasn't do enough to stop the rise in illegal draws over the past few years. People who get paid every day have also said that the government encourages poverty by letting people sell daily and online games.
Even with these worries, the West Bengal State Lottery is still a popular way for people in the state to gamble. The lottery draws happen twice a month. The Banga Lakshmi draw happens twice a month, and there are extra draws for big events like Rath, Puja, Diwali, Holi, New Year, and Nababarsha.

On the main website of the West Bengal State Lottery and on a number of other websites, the lottery results are updated all the time. 

In conclusion, the West Bengal State Lottery brings in a lot of money for the state government, but it has also caused a lot of trouble. People have said that the government doesn't do enough to stop illegal draws and that letting daily and online lotteries be sold makes people poor. But in the state, the lottery is still a popular way to gamble, with lots of people trying to win the big prize and make their lives better.