Introduction About Katie Zelem

Katie Leigh Zelem, born at the dawn of 1996, has carved her name into the annals of English football with her exceptional skills as a central defensive midfielder. Her leadership qualities are evident as she proudly wears the captain's armband for Manchester United in the Women's Super League. Katie's journey in professional football began with significant success, including two WSL titles during her tenure with Liverpool, which is etched in the club's history.

After a victorious stint overseas with Italian giants Juventus, where she lifted the Serie A trophy in the 2017-2018 season, Zelem returned to England. Her homecoming was marked by an immediate impact, guiding Manchester United to triumph in the Women's Championship in their very first season, 2018-2019. This accomplishment solidified her reputation as a player with both talent and a winning mentality, capable of leading teams to glory.

Beyond her club success, Katie has been a stalwart for England, progressing through the national ranks from the U15 all the way to the senior team. Her prowess on the international stage culminated in her senior debut in 2021, having honed her skills with the squad the year prior. With England, she's celebrated victories in the Arnold Clark Cup and earned the prestigious title of World Cup runner-up in 2023. As of December that year, Zelem's record with United is remarkable, boasting as the third highest goal scorer and holding the second most club appearances, second only to her teammate Ella Toone. Her contributions to the sport exemplify her as a central figure in the heart of midfield, where her vision, control, and defensive acumen shine.

Katie Zelem's TOTS Plus card

Dive into the heart of your midfield with Katie Zelem's TOTS Plus card, a Central Defensive Midfielder whose impressive overall rating of 92 makes her a formidable presence on the pitch. With a pace rating of 85, she can swiftly close down spaces, while her shooting rating of 87 means she's a threat from distance. Her exceptional passing ability, rated at 92, ensures precision in distributing the ball, and with a dribbling rating of 90, she can glide past opponents with ease. Defensively solid with a 90 rating and bolstered by a physicality rating of 86, Zelem's card is the perfect blend of resilience and skill, poised to disrupt the opposition's advances and turn the tide of the game in your favor with both defensive stability and attacking prowess.

How to Obtain Katie Zelem's Player Card

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