In this article, we will explore five powerful AI writing tools that can provide immense value to content creators in 2024. We will look at Text Summarizer By Prepostseo, ChatGPT,, Google Gemini, and Anyword – each with unique capabilities. These tools leverage advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to assist writers with tasks like content generation, paraphrasing, summarization, and researching. With AI making its mark in various industries, including AI in sports, these tools offer innovative solutions to enhance content creation processes.


By automating repetitive job processes, they help free up writers’ time so they can focus more on strategic work like ideation, messaging, and storytelling.

As the generative AI Development expert, we will provide an overview of each tool’s key features and how writers across domains like marketing, academia, and journalism can utilize them.


We’ll also touch upon the pricing and availability of these AI writing assistants. Our goal is to equip you with in-depth knowledge of these five important tools so you can determine how best to integrate them into your workflow for improved productivity and quality in the new year.


Text Summarizer by Prepostseo


Developed and marketed by Prepostseo, Text Summarizer uses artificial technology to shorten long-form text into a shorter one without changing its core meaning. It uses both extractive and abstractive summarizing techniques to provide you with accurate summaries in no time. It can be a good addition to your toolkit for all your summarization needs.

Availability: provides a free and paid version. In its free version, you can summarize up to 2500 words in one go. If you need to summarize a file up to 5000 words or higher, you can do it in parts or switch to their premium plans for additional features and functions.


  • Here are some key features that you get with Text Summarizer.
  • Free to use with no usage attempt restrictions
  • No signup required
  • Availability of live chat assistance.
  • Provides summary length adjuster.
  • Other tools integration.


Text Summarizer with three paid plans: Basic, Standard, and Company. You can choose any of them, depending on your preferences.

The Basic plan will cost you $10, while the standard and company plans come with a price tag of 20$ and $45 respectively.



The majority of the people who are related to the online field might already know about ChatGPT. This tool has changed the way people write, do research, and many more.

ChatGPT is powered by state-of-the-art GPT-trained models, enabling it to answer any question users ask. For writers, this freemium online tool can help them write full, lengthy blogs and articles in a matter of seconds.


It is a freemium tool and in the free version, there are some limitations to its usage. On the other hand, the paid version is limitless. The free version of ChatGPT works on the GPT-3.5 model that only provides information up to 2021.

The paid version, however, is upgraded to the GPT-4 model and can even provide information about new and latest topics and trends.


  • Provides a free version that provides some limitations.
  • Accessible in any language.
  • Save previous chats so that users can access them later.
  • Generate any type of content quickly.


As mentioned above, ChatGPT provides a single plan that is for a month and costs $20. This subscription grants access to all the features without restriction. While the free version can answer questions, write articles, and perform basic research, serious content creators and those requiring access to the most up-to-date information may find value in the paid plan. For businesses looking to automate content or customer support, ChatGPT could integrate seamlessly and provide 24/7 assistance at scale.


Another AI-powered tool that can help writers deal with plagiarism and issues of readability is It fixes these issues by rephrasing the given content and creating a kind of new version for it.  


It comes with six different paraphrasing modes that are:

  1. Word Changer
  2. Sentence Rephraser
  3. Paraphrase Text
  4. Text Improver
  5. Phrase Modifier
  6. AI Mode

You can use any of them as they are available for free.


Each of’s features and options are available for free, making it an accessible choice for users.


  • Moving on, here are some key features Paraphrase Online offers:
  • Utilizes LLM models to paraphrase text effectively.
  • Doesn’t ask for any sign-up or registration.
  • Can paraphrase up to 2,500 words at a time.
  • Supports 12 different languages.


Currently, there is no premium version of the tool, and it is totally free. This makes it an appealing choice for students, freelance writers, bloggers, and others seeking an affordable paraphrasing solution. With no subscription or payment required, users face no financial barriers to accessing its plagiarism and readability-enhancing technology.

Google Gemini


 Google Gemini (formerly known as Google Bard) is quite similar to ChatGPT as it’s a chatbot as well. As the name suggests, this tool is developed by Google and can provide answers to any question, enabling writers to quickly get information about anything. Using a natural language interface, users can have a back-and-forth conversation with Gemini to get information, and opinions, or brainstorm ideas.


If you want to create an outline or title of something or want to improve text clarity, Google Gemini is an ideal choice. Writers can leverage Gemini’s knowledge base to develop key themes and messaging. They can also fact-check details and ensure technical terms are correctly understood.


Google Gemini also provides both free and premium versions for its users. In the free version, you get access to the base chatbot while in the premium version, you can unlock the 1.0 Ultra version of Gemini. This version is faster and can provide more accurate information.


  • Users can access it for free.
  • Save previous chats of the user for later usage.
  • Can provide information about anything users ask.


Google Gemini Advanced is the premium version of this tool that has no limitations or restrictions. Its premium version costs just $20 per month, providing unlimited queries and advanced APIs. For large businesses and enterprises, custom plans with additional support are also available.



Anyword is an AI writing platform that offers multiple tools to help marketing teams create high-performing content for all channels, including websites, email, and social media. This tool uses powerful NLP and ML algorithms to create, enhance, and analyze content.

The platform analyzes vast amounts of publicly available content to understand language patterns and genres. This allows it to generate new content that matches the style and structure of high-quality examples.


In general, with the help of Anyword, writers can quickly write any type of marketing content. The platform automates many repetitive writing tasks like template generation, keyword research, and content optimization. This frees up writers to focus on more strategic work like messaging, storytelling, and audience insights. Auto-generated content can also be a helpful starting point that writers then customize and refine.


Anyword is a premium tool that only provides 7-day free trials for its users. Once the trial ends, users must purchase its premium to access it. To try its 7-day free trial, sign up using your Gmail. Existing clients include large brands in tech, retail, healthcare, and more.


  • Below are some features that Anyword AI provides:
  • Best for writers to create marketing content.
  • Can generate full marketing email in one click.
  • Provide access to other writing tools like plagiarism checking, readability scoring, and SEO optimization.
  • Integrates with major CMS and CRM systems.


Anyword AI provides multiple plans for different time periods. If you want its premium for a month, there are four plans available. The same is the case with the yearly subscription. Monthly and yearly subscriptions receive the latest features and upgrades as they are released.

Monthly Subscription Plans:

  • Starter: $49/monthly
  • Data-Driven: $99/monthly
  • Business: $499/monthly
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Yearly Subscription Plans:

  • Starter: $39/monthly
  • Data-Driven: $79/monthly
  • Business: $349/monthly
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Comparison Table: 




Usage Limitations 

Text Summarizer

Summarization tool, free and paid plans, length adjuster, integration

Free up to 2500 words, paid plans from $10-45/month

Mobile app development

2500-word limit in the free version


Content generation, research, free and paid plans, previous chats saved

Free version with limitations, paid $20/month

Limitations in the free version like outdated info

Paraphrase Online

Six paraphrasing modes, multiple languages, no signups

Completely free

2500-word limit per request

Google Gemini

Chatbot for information, free and paid plans, previous chats saved

Free version, paid $20/month for unlimited use

Limitations in the free version


Multiple tools for marketing content, free trial, integrates with CMS

Monthly plans from $49-499, yearly from $39-349

Only a 7-day free trial, then paid subscription

Final Words

We have highlighted five AI writing tools – Text Summarizer, ChatGPT, Paraphrase Online, Google Gemini, and Anyword AI – that we believe represent some of the best options for content creators heading into 2024. Whether one needs assistance with summarization, paraphrasing, content generation, or research, these tools offer a diverse set of features to ease the workload. Looking to leverage AI technology for your projects? Consider to hire AI developers who can tailor solutions to your specific needs and goals.


While some like ChatGPT and Google Gemini provide basic functionalities for free, others such as Anyword AI and Paraphrase Online have both free and premium pricing tiers available. Leading AI solution providers suggest using the premium versions as they unlock advanced capabilities and higher usage limits. Regardless of one’s budget and exact workflow needs, we are certain there is a tool on this list that can improve efficiency.