Learn three tips to easily distinguish the pros and cons of led corn lamp 330 degree lighting. Make it easy for you to buy quality products.

The first trick: look at the glue: LED line lights in 1 year if there is a serious yellow phenomenon is because the glue material is too poor, there are a lot of inferior glue in the name of waterproof PU glue on the market, poor waterproof performance, easy to yellow and dark, the same with the normal waterproof PU glue price is very far apart, basically more than twice the price difference.

The second trick, look at aluminum: ultra-thin aluminum is changeable, in the aluminum selection of LED line lights, regular manufacturers will first consider the heat dissipation performance is good, do you think the thicker the aluminum, the better? No, the thicker the foundation, the better you look. Certainly not, aluminum if you want to do not easy deformation, good heat dissipation, you must choose a moderate thickness, can not say that blindly want aluminum thicker the better, in addition, if the aluminum line light thinner is not heat dissipation better? NO! The thinner the aluminum, the worse the heat dissipation, and the easier it is to be squeezed and deformed during installation.

The third trick, look at the lamp bead components: in the industry, packaging manufacturers are so famous, what Kerui - Prui - Riya - Taiwan wafer and so on, but you can tell whether this is the brand chip you get? There are some unconscionable LED line lamp manufacturers whose quotes advertise how good the raw materials are, holding a few cents chip to pretend to be a big brand chip to sell, but the law of price has always existed, how can cheap will buy good goods?

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