Electronic Arts has expanded the FC 24 Ultimate Team experience with a series of exciting updates, particularly enhancing the Team of the Season (TOTS) event. Fans can now experience the rush of the Ligue 1 and D1 Arkema TOTS rosters, which have been newly released to the game, adding to the excitement.

Additionally, the game mode has seen the introduction of a novel feature, the TOTS Midfielder Plus Evolution. This development allows gamers to upgrade a TOTS midfielder from their squad, providing a valuable opportunity for Ultimate Team enthusiasts to further strengthen their line-up.

TOTS Midfielder Plus Evolution Overview

  • Guide to Elevating Your Midfield with TOTS Plus Selections

  • Essential Criteria for Selecting Players

  • Top Picks for Midfield Mastery in TOTS Plus Evolution

  • Enhancing Your Team's Core with Elite Midfielders

Step-by-Step Evolution Guide

Let's dive into the process of upgrading your squad with a focus on three standout players ideal for this advancement.

EA has recently rolled out an exciting Evolution update in FC 24, enabling enthusiasts to enhance their player cards at no extra cost! Since its introduction, the Evolution feature has caught on like wildfire among the FC 24 community, bringing a unique flair to each Ultimate Team thanks to the variety of player evolutions available.

Together, we'll explore the prerequisites for this EVO, highlight three top-tier players that are prime candidates for evolution, and outline the necessary objectives to be completed, as well as the rewards that come with them.

Player Requirements for Evolution

Embarking on the journey to enhance a midfielder for the TOTS Midfielder Plus Evolution in FC 24 demands careful consideration due to the stringent requirements set forth by EA Sports. It is crucial to understand that not all players are eligible for this upgrade, thus making the selection process highly selective.

When choosing a player, whether from a beloved team or with the intention of cultivating a dominant midfielder, remember that this decision is irreversible. The importance of a judicious choice cannot be overstated, as the option to alter your selection later is not available.

To qualify for the TOTS Midfielder Plus Evolution, players must adhere to the following set of criteria:

  • A maximum overall rating of 85
  • Pace cannot exceed 85
  • Shooting must be 81 or lower
  • Defending is capped at 76
  • A limit of 7 playstyles is imposed
  • Additional playstyles (Playstyles+) are not permitted

Selecting a player who meets these prerequisites is the first step towards building a formidable presence in the midfield for your FC 24 team.

Recommended Players for Evolution

Unlock the potential of your midfield with these three standout Team of the Season (TOTS) Midfielder Plus Evolution selections. Each player has been carefully picked for their ability to significantly enhance your squad's performance. To incorporate these athletes into your team, they must fulfill certain criteria.

Here's a look at the midfield maestros available for the Evolution:

  • Phil Foden, the dynamic playmaker from Manchester City, boasting a 93 Overall Rating.
  • Florian Wirtz, the young talent from Leverkusen, also with an impressive 93 Overall Rating.
  • Hakan Calhanoglu, Inter's set-piece specialist, matching his counterparts with a 93 Overall Rating.

Evolution Challenges and Rewards

To elevate your chosen player's overall rating by +8 OVR, it's crucial to understand the progression steps. Here's a detailed guide to mastering the TOTS Midfielder Plus Evolution:

  • Initial Phase Objectives:
  • Participate in any two matches with your selected EVO player.
  • Secure victories in three Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions games on at least Semi-Pro difficulty with your EVO player.

  • Rewards for Initial Phase:

  • Boost in Overall rating by +4.
  • Dribbling stats increase by +5.
  • Passing skills enhanced by +5.
  • Physical attributes improve by +8.
  • Acquisition of Long Ball Pass and Technical PlayStyle+ enhancements.

  • Second Phase Objectives:

  • Provide assists for three goals with your EVO player in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on Semi-Pro or higher.
  • Complete three matches in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions with your EVO player.
  • Achieve two wins in the aforementioned modes with your EVO player.

  • Rewards for Second Phase:

  • An additional +4 to the Overall rating.
  • Shooting ability jumps by +8.
  • Pace receives a +5 increment.
  • Dribbling gets another +5 boost.
  • Earn the Pinged Pass PlayStyle and Tiki Taka PlayStyle+.

  • Final Phase Objectives:

  • Score three times with your EVO player in the specified matches.
  • Win three games by a margin of two goals in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions with your EVO player.
  • Play three matches in the mentioned modes with your EVO player.

  • Rewards for Final Phase:

  • Pace increases by +4.
  • Defending stats rise by 6.
  • Passing ability grows by +5.
  • Weak Foot skill is enhanced by +1.
  • Gain the Dead Ball PlayStyle and First Touch PlayStyle+.

Completing all the tasks in this Evolution will result in your player's overall rating skyrocketing by +8 OVR, offering a fantastic opportunity to power up your TOTS Midfielder Plus selection.


Feel free to share in the comments which player you're looking forward to upgrading!

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