Determining the total costs associated with custom website development is important for businesses that plan to boost their online presence. Whether you would like to develop an informative site or an eCommerce platform, estimating the total cost of development will help you stay within your budget. 


But, how? 


For your detailed budget estimates, you must try a website cost calculator which is an insane tool that allows you to calculate total cost based on all aspects of your project, from web design requirements to ongoing maintenance. In this blog, we will shed light on website cost calculators and different factors that influence the overall cost of website development. Let’s get started. 


What is a website cost calculator?


A website cost calculator refers to a unique tool that provides detailed and accurate web development budget estimates based on project scope, features & functionality, choice of tech stacks, design complexity, etc. Website calculators are extensively used by businesses and individuals to get an idea of the overall costs involved in developing a website from scratch. This tool helps you stay within budget and save from unwanted expenses during the website development phases. To get detailed budget estimates, this tool may ask you following information including


  1. Type of your website: You may choose the type of website you would like to build, such as eCommerce websites, informational websites, blogging sites, portfolio sites, web based applications, etc.


  1. Tech stacks: You have to specify your preferred tech stacks for your website development such as Shopify, WordPress, or Drupal. 


  1. No. of web pages: You need to specify the total number of pages of your website so that it will estimate the cost more precisely. 


  1. Design requirements: You should specify whether you need custom website design, multimedia elements, animations, or other unique features. 
  2. Features & functionalities: You need to select the core features and functionalities for your website such as user accounts, contact forms, blogs, contact forms, social media integration, etc. 


  1. Additional services: You must indicate whether you need additional solutions like domain registration, web hosting, ongoing support & maintenance, or SEO.


Factors that affect website development cost 


The total cost of creating a custom website from scratch starts from $1000 & goes up to $100,000. According to the experts, there is no exact cost of website development as it depends on several factors including project complexity levels, website types, number of web pages, features, and functionalities, development team size, geographical locations, etc.  Here are a few considerations that impact the web development cost


  1. Project size: The project complexity level and size of a website play an important role in determining the total cost. A static website with simple features costs less in comparison to a complex website with multiple features like user authentication, payment gateways, etc.


  1. Technology stacks: The choice of tech stacks, tools, frameworks, and programming languages determines the website development costs. Some technologies require specialized skills and knowledge that increase the hourly rates of developers. 


  1. Features and functionalities: Top features like content management systems, user authentication, e-commerce functionality, third-party integrations, and search functionality add additional costs. 


  1. 4. Development team size: The total size of dedicated web app developers significantly influences the overall cost of website development. Moreover, developers’ locations with high living costs charge more than those in low-cost regions. 


  1. Design requirements: Custom-made websites often cost more as compared to pre-made themes or templates. Intuitive graphics, multimedia elements, and animations increase the overall cost of website development.


  1. Support and maintenance: Ongoing support and maintenance are necessary to ensure the long-term performance and sustainability of a website. This adds additional maintenance charges to overall website development. 


Let’s have a look at the website development cost breakdown.



Estimated costs

Website size

$1000 to $10,000

Website security

$3600 to $50,000

Domain name

$0.99 to $60/year


$10 to $1000

Website hosting 

$10 to $200/month

CMS integration 

$3000 to $25,000

Database integration 

$2000 to $25,000

Final words


Ranging from design complexity to choice of tech stacks, the cost of web development is multifaceted by lots of factors. While calculating the total cost by using a website cost calculator, it's important to focus on scalability, functionality, and quality to ensure long-term website success. By collaborating with dedicated web developers or top web development companies, you can effectively manage the overall cost of website development.