Known for his deadly burst damage and crowd control, Martis often becomes a terrifying menace for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. However, with the right strategy and counter Martis selection, this Fighter hero is no longer an invincible opponent. For those who want to outshine Martis, here are some hero choices to help you achieve victory. Here is the list of the best hero counters for Martis to use!


List of Best Hero Counters for Martis


Martis indeed becomes a nightmare for many Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. His ability to disrupt the rhythm and timing of opponents' gameplay with his Mortal Coil skill makes him one of the most feared heroes. The airborne effect and crowd control immunity generated by Mortal Coil make enemies powerless, so it's no wonder many players choose to ban Martis in rank.


However, Martis's ferocity does not mean he is unbeatable. There are several heroes that you can choose to counter him and turn the tide. Here’s the list.






Franco is the first hero ready to defeat Martis. This tough Tank has the ultimate Bloody Hunt which produces a suppress effect making Martis powerless. This golden opportunity can be utilized by the team to launch continuous attacks and take down Martis.


However, keep in mind that Franco cannot fight alone. Teamwork is the main key to maximizing the effect of Bloody Hunt. If Franco manages to trap Martis, teammates must quickly deal damage and kill him before the suppress effect ends.






Behind his cute appearance, Diggie turns out to be an unexpected counter for Martis. This tiny support hero has the ultimate skill Time Journey. This skill not only provides a shield to protect Diggie and his teammates from Martis's burst damage but also grants immunity to all crowd control effects, including Martis's annoying skills. It doesn't stop there; this skill also increases the team's movement speed, making them more agile in avoiding Martis's attacks and launching counterattacks.


Although Diggie focuses more on team protection rather than directly finishing off Martis, Time Journey becomes the key to breaking Martis's strategy. With this skill, the team can wait for the right moment to counterattack when Martis is off guard or his crowd control effects have expired.






For those of you who want a more aggressive playstyle than Diggie, Kaja comes as the best Martis hero counter choice that is no less deadly. Like Franco, Kaja has a suppress effect that can paralyze Martis. Please note: In addition to battle and hero upgrades, there’s a faster way to level up your hero’s skills – obtain items by buying Mobile diamonds. The stronger his skills become, the more effectively he can counter Mattis.


Kaja's ultimate skill, Divine Judgment, is the key to defeating Martis. With this skill, Kaja can pull and paralyze Martis, making him powerless and easy to finish off by the team. However, remember that Kaja cannot fight alone. Good teamwork is the main key to maximizing the effect of Divine Judgment.






Another best Martis counter hero is Gloo. This hero, who can be played as a Roamer and Offlaner, can slow down and paralyze Martis, making him the perfect choice to curb the aggression of the Ashura King.


Gloo's Ichorous Goo skill can produce slow and immobilized effects on Martis, making it difficult for him to move and escape from battles. Not only that, Gloo's passive skill, Stick, Stick, can regenerate HP when Gloo uses skills, making him more durable in fights against Martis.


The combination of slow effects, immobilization, and HP regeneration from Gloo frustrates Martis and makes it difficult for him to finish off Gloo. This also disrupts Martis's juggling rhythm in the early game, leaving him behind and weak in the late game.







With her agility and unique abilities, Wanwan becomes the perfect counter for Martis. With her agility, Wanwan can easily dodge Martis's attacks, even when Martis uses his second skill. Meanwhile, her passive skill can provide a strong counterattack after attacking, making Martis overwhelmed when trying to approach her.


That's the list of Martis counter heroes you can use to defeat this Fighter hero. With these heroes and the right strategy, you and your team will surely be able to defeat Martis and achieve victory! If you don’t own these heroes, you are highly recommended to buy mobile legends diamonds, and with these diamonds, you can quickly obtain them without having to collect coins. What’s more, MLBB top up allows you to acquire the newest skins to make your favorite character look even cooler on the battlefield!