Vai na Fé", a nova novela das sete, conta

"Vai Na Fé" is a great song you should listen to if you want to learn some Portuguese words or just enjoy the music!

Vai Na Fé Ta Bonito Brasil is a cute and fun game where you get to help PachaPacha from Brasil as he sets out on a journey to meet his best friends and make some good friends along the way. Give this game of sharing, friendship and fun a try!

We invite you to join us on a voyage to Brazil, a country with so much to offer. We believe the best way to experience a country is through the warmth and hospitality of its people. We invite you to come along as we celebrate the unique cultural diversity that makes up our great nation.

For the old, for the young and for those who are about to be old. This is our way of welcoming in a new day and a new celebration. Come and enjoy our traditional Brazilian food made with care

Authentic Brazilian music and dance. Join us for a Vai Na Fé Ta Bonito Brasil performance while you enjoy some coconut candy and tropical drinks.

'“Vai Na Fé!' - A Brazilian song that reminds us of the good times we shared. It's a song to make you happy.

Welcome to our website, Vai Na Fe. Just a few steps away from the wonderful beaches of Brazil and the blue ocean. A place where you will find excellent service and delicious food at reasonable prices. Come on in and enjoy.

You will enjoy the music of this CD. It is a combination of Brazilian rhythms, rhythms from other areas as well as different kinds of popular music.

Vai na fé, vai no mais, vai sertão, vai maracanaú.