We’re worn uniforms at least some time as part of a group. This could be our school uniforms, our religious uniforms, our sports uniforms, and so on. We’ve cherished many of these uniforms, especially those we wore for our school/college sports teams or those for professional reasons like policemen or army men.

Why do we wear uniforms? What’s the idea behind this? Well, to be fair, the intention of each uniform is varied- some are required by law, while others give you an identity that gives you a level of respect or differentiation based on the group you belong to.

That being said, what do you choose to wear when NOT in uniform? Many would choose to wear clothes that are trendy, and comfortable and protect them from the elements of nature. We also dress up our kids for similar reasons- making sure they are safe from harm and the weather.

However, there is a trend where people nowadays wear clothes similar to their spouses or kids, to present a pretty picture during special events. This ‘twinning’ trend has been around for quite some time but has seen a resurgence in recent years.

How parents express their identity with twinning

Parents these days Buy Air Jordan sneakers and get similar clothes made for themselves and their kids to wear to special events- like their kid’s birthday parties or marriages. For them, this is another fun way to bond with their spouses and kids, not to mention creating a great picture-perfect image that both the parents and kids can cherish forever.

Nowadays, the twinning trend has become mainstream. So much, so that many moms go to great lengths to get matching clothes and trending sneakers online for themselves and their kids. Online too, many dedicated websites help parents and couples choose twinning clothes for special occasions. Sometimes, parents dress all their kids in the same clothes-showing as their twinning on social media.

How you could embrace this trend?

Let’s face it, your kids (and also your husband, in many cases) are pretty used to wearing some kinds of uniforms. Wearing something similar all the time may not be something everyone would appreciate. For most families, twinning is a fun way to bond with your kids and spouse. After all, there are countless reels and images of families and influencers who’ve used this twinning trend and looked great with their families.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to get the same clothes in your and your kid’s sizes. That shouldn’t matter, as you could still dress similarly with contrasting colors or by wearing similar top-selling sneakers. For instance, you could get your family to wear different Air Jordan shoes of the same color or even the same version, if you could get the same shoe sizes for your family.

At the best online sneaker store, you could get any latest or rare Air Jordan, Yeezy, or any other sports shoes and streetwear for you and your family. It is not necessary to pair up only your clothes, you could embrace the twinning trend with similar designer shoes too!