What type of properties are available in Mivida City Islamabad?
•    This house is located in Mivida City Islamabad master plan. It is situated very near to the busy and prosperous localities like Wazirabad, Bahria Town and Iqraabad. The area of the locality is quite serene, with quiet streets and a beautiful garden as well. This area has all basic residential amenities like schools, hospitals etc. yet it remains quite peaceful as well. There are some good eateries and shopping centers near to this locality too which makes it very convenient for all the residents of the locality but at a safe distance from the noise they face while going around in their locality. This particular house has been built in 2009 by a reputable builder who has put great emphasis on building solid structures while designing them. The architecture design is different from other houses in this area due to its modern look and feel with staircases that have glass panes on both sides so that you can enjoy your views even above these beautiful staircases without getting blinded by light sources at any point of time since lighting does not seem to be an issue here as there are sufficient streetlights installed at all points during day time too which makes it quite safe for everyone in these areas after all darkness seems to be associated with evil rather than goodness :PThere are 8 bedrooms available in this project out of which 4 bedrooms are meant for living purposes whereas 4 bedrooms are meant for storage purposes only (kitchen, bathroom). 
Mivida City Islamabad
Mivida City Islamabad is a new project located in the heart of Islamabad. It is a residential community with gated security, and it offers all the amenities that you need to live happily, including schools and colleges. The project has been designed with modern architecture that will make your home feel like you’re living in paradise!
Mivida City Islamabad Payment Plan
Mivida City Islamabad Payment Plan
Mivida City is a beautiful housing project in Islamabad. The project is located at Sector F-6, Islamabad and it has been designed by Architectural Design Associates (ADA). It has been constructed with the help of imported materials and advanced technology which makes it more durable than any other type of homes available in Pakistan.
The best part about this property is that it offers a variety of payment plans so that you can make your dream home come true without worrying about paying anything upfront
Mivida City Islamabad Location
Mivida City Islamabad is located in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan. The city has a population of over 1 million people and is known for its lush green environment, greenery and beauty. It has a lot for you to explore such as parks and open spaces where you can spend your time relaxing with friends or family members if you choose to do so!
The area also has many restaurants serving delicious cuisine from around the world which will make your stay more enjoyable!
Find the properties that fit your budget and your lifestyle
Mivida City Islamabad is a new development in Islamabad. The project encompasses 3 zones, each with its own unique features and specifications.
The first zone, “Prestige”, has been designed as a luxury residential project that caters to the needs of high net worth individuals. This area boasts some of the most luxurious amenities available in any city: state-of-the-art gymnasiums and pools; well-equipped gyms; private dining rooms; executive lounges with bar facilities; 24 hour security services...you name it!
The second zone, “Rising Star” is designed for those who value comfort over luxury but still want all these things at an affordable price point! It's also home to many other amenities such as shopping centers (including restaurants), movie theaters/cinemas...and much more! It's easy to see why this section appeals so strongly--and why everyone loves living here!
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