China Other Ferro Alloy factory Ferro Silicon Barium (FeSiBa ) Inoculant Ferro silicon barium inoculant is a kind of FeSi-based alloy containing certain amount of barium and calcium, it can remarkably reduce the chill phenomenon, generating very little residue. Therefore, Ferro silicon barium inoculant is more effective than the inoculant that only contain calcium, in addition, it has same inoculating performance that the inoculant with higher content of barium and calcium would have. The combination of barium and calcium has better control on the chill than the inoculant only containing calcium. Chemical Composition SiBaCaAlFe 68-73%1-3%1-2%1-2%Balance 68-72%4-6%1-2%1-2%Balance 65-70%6-8%1-2%1-2%Balance 65-70%8-10%1-2%1-2%Balance Application: In Casting 1.Ferro Silicon Barium Inoculants apply to grey cast iron , nodular cast iron, ductile casting iron and vermicular casting iron. 2.Ferro Silicon Barium has complete deoxidizing effect and better than the other deoxidizing alloy agents. 3.Ferro Silicon Barium has strong ability of spheroidizing and anti-recession and can effectively prevent castings from chilling tendency. In Steelmaking 1. Ferro Silicon Barium is an iron alloy with higher activity. 2. Ferro Silicon Barium can reduce the occurrence of smoke and flame when joined in steelmaking. 3.Ferro Silicon Barium change the nature and distribution of non metallic inclusions in steel. 4.The high quality inoculant can improve the metal cutting performance. 5.The high quality inoculant showe good anti fading and reduce the section sensitivity. Packaging & Shipping Packaging :Plastic woven bag, 1000kg/jumbo bag or according to customer requirements. Delivery time :Within 7-14 days of receipt of advance payment. China Other Ferro Alloy factory website: