Maintenance is the main, repair is auxiliary; Advanced production equipment is an important symbol of enterprise strength, is the basic condition of product quality assurance. With the renewal and transformation of the enterprise, the newly acquired production equipment is more and more, the technical level and structure are more and more complex, through good maintenance, supplemented by a high level of maintenance management, in order to ensure the accuracy and reliable safety performance, so as to avoid the failure of production equipment. To use and manage production equipment well is an important subject in the quality management system of white distillery. To do well in the maintenance of liquor distillation equipment is to achieve preventive maintenance.

1. Maintenance is more active than repair: maintenance refers to regular or irregular maintenance inspection of production equipment in normal operation, with the purpose of ensuring that no or less failures occur to production equipment. Functional departments should master the principles to be followed in maintenance and repair. Maintenance time by the user and management of their own flexible grasp, independent planning and control, is an active and active means of preventive maintenance. The repair is to repair the production equipment that has broken down, the purpose is to restore its original function and ensure the normal operation of the production equipment. The repair time is not controlled by the maintenance personnel themselves, and the planning and controllability are poor. It is a passive and passive maintenance means.

2. Maintenance saves more money than repair; As maintenance is the maintenance of production equipment in normal operation, there is no need to replace parts, less cost in economy, production equipment can operate normally, does not affect the use of other equipment in the plant, and does not affect the progress of production. Repair, on the other hand, is to remove the faults that have occurred in the production equipment. Since it is a fault, it means that the damage of parts has occurred. To replace some parts, the general cost is very high, and the cost is larger. And when production equipment breaks down, exactly how long it takes to fix it is difficult to know. If there are not enough spare parts in stock, we need to apply for procurement, which will not only cost much trouble, but also affect the normal production and economic benefits.

3. Maintenance is easier to achieve than repair; Maintenance is to maintain and check the production equipment in normal operation according to the requirements of the operating rules. It does not need to dismantle and unload the production equipment, nor does it need too much technology and complex tools. In addition to some special large complex production equipment, it needs to be maintained by the manufacturer. The repair is different, because it is to repair the production equipment that has already broken down, so the technical requirements are very high. First check where the fault occurs, how to disassemble it, what parts are needed or what causes it. For some unknown equipment failure problems, often need the help of equipment manufacturers to solve.

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