Swaraj Tractors are known for their versatility and power in the agriculture industry. These tractors are designed to handle various farming operations, making them popular among farmers. They offer excellent performance and efficiency, with features such as advanced engines, hydraulic systems, and durable build quality. Whether it's ploughing, planting, or harvesting, these tractor are up to the task of helping farmers maximise their productivity and minimise downtime. 


Hence, below we have mentioned two Swaraj Tractors that will be a reliable solution for all your farming needs.


Featuring: Swaraj 735 XM and Swaraj 735 XT


Swaraj 735 XM-

Swaraj 735 XM is a mid-range tractor model manufactured by Swaraj, an Indian brand of tractors. This Swaraj XM series model features a 35-horsepower engine designed for various farming applications such as ploughing, tilling, haulage and cultivation. It features advanced technology such as Mechanical/ Power Steering, 1000 kg Hydraulic capacity, and Dry Dis Brakes/ OIB. It can be fitted with various implements like a cultivator, plough, trailer, etc. The 735 XM has a comfortable operator's cabin with basic amenities and offers smooth and efficient performance. This tractor model ranges between Rs. 5.95 lakhs - Rs. 6.35 lakhs and is suitable for small to medium-sized farm operations and provides an economical solution for farmers.


Swaraj 735 XT-

Swaraj 735 XT is a high-performance tractor model manufactured by Swaraj, an Indian brand of tractors. This Swaraj XT series model features a 40-horsepower engine designed for demanding farming applications such as cultivation, haulage, and ploughing. It has advanced features such as mechanical/ power steering, a 1200 kg hydraulic capacity, oil-immersed brakes, and high ground clearance. The tractor offers excellent manoeuvrability and stability, making it suitable for various farming operations. With its strong and durable build quality, the 735 XT provides reliable and efficient performance for farmers. This tractor price started from Rs. 5.95 lakhs - Rs. 6.35 lakhs.


Lastly, the top two tractors from the swaraj xm and xt series can be a perfect fit for your farm.