To a request for details by ESPN, Dane Schiller, representative of the Harris County District Attorney's Office said it was "inappropriate" to issue a statement on whether the office was investigating charges."It is inappropriate for officials from the District Attorney's Office to Madden 23 coins  comment on a lawsuit that is civil, and we are not speaking about allegations in any way until and if a criminal charge is brought; we do this out of fairness to allpeople," Schiller stated in an announcement.

It appears that Madden NFL 23 remained quiet throughout the time, with no announcement from the league office , other than the initial statement by spokesperson Brian McCarthy, who said "the subject was under review."Jenny Vrentas from Sports Illustrated wrote an article detailing allegations from another massage therapist in California, "Mary," one who isn't involved in the Buzbee lawsuit. Mary said she had reached out to the lawyer, but was not confident signing a contract which gave him the sole legal representation.

The incident that was alleged to have occurred occurred in 2019. did have nothing to do with sexual harassment, instead, it involved a variety of inappropriate behaviors that were believed to be a regular session.

"After about 90 minutes Watson wanted to keep the exercise for an additional hour. She continued to work on his quads as well as his inner abdominal and thighs --the regions he was looking for. Watson had an erection, she says, and began clenching her fists and slowly "thrusting in the air." Mary at first was unsure if the movements were the result of her deep-tissue work, so she asked if Watson was O.K. Watson replied that his condition was good and put down the thrusts for a brief period of time."

The therapist claimed she was speaking with legal counsel about how to proceed at moment of publication.Texans manager Nick Casserio said that Watson will be added to the 53-man roster of the team to begin the season, however Watson wouldn't participate. Instead he was inactive each game due to "non-injury motives/personal reasons."

On the 11th of March, 2022 on March 11. 2022. a Harris County grand jury declines to indict Watson for "harassment and sexual indiscretions." It should be pointed out that a grand juror's job is not to assess guilt or innocence however, it is to decide if there is enough evidence for prosecutors for bringing a case before a judge and prove beyond reasonable doubt that buy madden nfl 23 coins  a person is guilty. To make matters more difficult, Texas grand jury proceedings are closed to the public and private -- therefore, it's impossible to find out what evidence was or didn't get, reported.