Escapade Music Festival is a dance music festival that takes place in Ottawa every year. It's the biggest music festival in Ottawa that attracts more than 30,000 attendees to enjoy a flurry of live performances by local and international artists at Lansdowne Park. 


In 2019, the music festival celebrated its 10th anniversary and returned as Escapade 2022 to deliver an absolute banger. Now in its second decade, the music festival is truly considered Canada's premier dance music festival by some. 


The music festival brings together the best DJs from around the globe, covering a range of electronic music genres. The main lineup is mostly EDM, but one can witness everything, including Techno, Trance, Dubstep, and other sub-genres of electronic music. 


How to Attend the Festival?

People wanting to join in the music festival had multiple ways of attending the event. The nearest airport is the Ottawa International Airport. International tourists who attended the festival had the most convenience in flying to Ottawa.


However, you could also catch a train from nearby cities like Quebec, Ontario, and even New York. 


The Ottawa administration arranged for 6 and 7 buses which took attendees to the festival venue. 


Age Restrictions at the Escapade 2022

The general attendance of the festival was allowed to be 16+ only, while the VIP section of the festival was 19+.