Halloween is that time of the year when people of all ages enjoy it. It's truly the best festival of the year, especially if you're in college. We all want to turn heads with the cutest (or scariest) costumes for the college Halloween party. The weekend party is sure to be a lot more fun as your college mates gather up in spirits and transform the space into a mythical get-together of creatures and ghouls.

So, we've put together the hottest College Halloween costume ideas to turn heads this year. Find sexy, hot, funny, and creative costumes for your college party that'll surely put you at the center of attraction.

College Halloween Party Costumes

  • Mermaid

Take a dip underwater in a mermaid costume.

  • Barbie

Be a Barbie and all adorable at your college party.

  • Goddess

From Athena: the goddess of wisdom and war, to the terrifying goddess Medusa, you can't go wrong in a Greek goddess costume.

  • Retro 80s

Travel back to the sassy 80s with cute retro costumes that highlight the age of disco.

  • Skeleton

Embrace your inner spirit with a skeleton costume.

  • Dracula

Be sexy in a Dracula costume with a DIY makeup session which is always fun.

  • Firefighters

Go bold and light 'em up with a firefighter costume.

  • Police Officer

Put them behind bars with a stylish police officer costume.

  • Cat

A purrfect Halloween costume to claw your way in.

  • Alien

Be out of this world with an alien costume at your college Halloween party.