I have seen a lot of LED lighting. They pay great attention to embedded led downlight manufacturer calculation. In their embedded led downlight manufacturer solution, There is no doubt that there will be a fair amount of simulation calculation about the number of LED lighting designs. Moreover, the more complex the space, the more need for lighting calculations. Illuminance calculation, as a quantitative design method, is indispensable in most occasions. It is not difficult to calculate the necessary illumination when designing embedded led downlight manufacturer if some errors are allowed. Today we're going to look at two methods.

1, LED light flux method LED light bead flux method is mainly used in the equidistant configuration of LED lighting fixture space, calculate the average illuminance, in addition to the office and factory and other bright space use, in hotels, restaurants, residential and other need to improve the atmosphere of the space, in order to confirm the approximate illuminance, using this LED illuminance calculation method is very convenient.

2. LED point-by-point calculation method Illuminance calculation method is used in calculating the illuminance required by the working surface and key display part of local lighting. Example 1 When installing a 100w bare bulb with 500lm, assume that 30% of the light beam is uniformly and directly illuminated on the ground. Then, what is the average direct illumination on the ground? E = F/A = 1500 * 0.3/10 = 45lx In addition to the beam on the ground, other beams of light illuminate the ceiling and wall. If the ceiling and wall reflectivity is high, the reflected light will also be added to the direct illuminance of the ground, so the actual illumination is more than 45lx. Basic LED lighting, most of the direct distribution of light down lighting and fluorescent lamp embedded or directly mounted lamps, as well as light groove and other indirect ceiling lighting. Direct illuminance calculation, the more by the ceiling, wall reflectance less influence of light distribution, even if the room reflectance setting somewhat different, the average illuminance error will be very little. However, if there are taller partitions, furniture, etc., the result of the shadow is skewed. In addition, the indirect LED lighting of the ceiling is not only affected by the ceiling surface, but also greatly affected by the reflectance of the wall. Even the architectural outdoor lighting like the lighting groove lighting, due to the size of the opening part and the distance between the light source and the ceiling, the lighting utilization rate will also change, so it is difficult to calculate without error.

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