lawn mowing is one of the most important elements of lawn management. It is one that has an impact on the growth of the plants on the lawn, and the appearance of the lawn. When we talk of a well kempt lawn vis a vis an unkempt lawn, one of the things that go into determining how 'properly kempt' the lawn is would be the mowing of lawn. Let a lawn stay for a considerable period of time without mowing, and you will soon have it looking so bad that you would be better off with no lawn at all. The point in mentioning all this is to illustrate how important an element of lawn management mowing is. Simply put, as you get into developing a lawn, the one thing you need to keep in mind is that you will have to mow it at some point. In actual fact, as lawn owner or lawn manager, you should expect lawn mowing to be something you will be doing on a very regular basis, if you are to keep your lawn looking good. The onus, then, is on you to work out how you will be going about your mowing of lawn.


Now there are many specific ways through which you can go about your lawn mowing. But in the final analysis, each of these ways can be classified as either being manual or mechanized. And we find many people considering setting up lawns finding themselves at a loss on which the best way to go about mowing of lawn is. Granted, there would be no contention to the fact that mechanized lawn mowing tends to be less tiring than manual mowing of lawn. Indeed, manual lawn mowing is one of the most tiring activities a person can engage in. So mechanization of the lawn mowing activity does make it much less tiring. On another account, there is also no contention to the fact that mechanized mowing of lawn tends to be more effective, as the machines used for the purpose tend to be much more thorough than even the keenest of us can ever be.


But the machines that go into lawn mowing don't always come cheap, in terms of what you have to pay for them as a purchase price. And their running costs are not very low either: they have to be powered one way or another - either through electricity or through fossil fuel, and neither of these energy resources comes cheap.


All this tends to leave many people confused on when they should consider mechanizing their mowing of lawn functions.


As it turns, there are three factors you should look it, in making the decision on whether or not to mechanize lawn mowing. First is the lawn size: there are some lawns that are simply too small to justify the purchase of a mechanized mower for use on them (unless one happens to have a mechanized mower they can easily hire). Second is the type of vegetation grown on the lawn, as there are certain types of vegetation that lend themselves better to mechanized mowing than others. Third is the cost factor - whether or not you can afford to purchase (or hire) a lawn mower, and what the running costs for it will be. But this has to be done comparatively, because while buying and running a lawn mower may seem expensive, it could turn out that attempting to go about the mowing of lawn manually would be more expensive- either in terms of labor costs or in terms of the time opportunity cost. The latter refers to what you could achieve elsewhere during the time you decide to dedicate to manual mowing of lawn, compared to what you get to save by opting to go about your lawn mowing manually.